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With that in mind, his pity faded away.

Besides, those feelings were the ones that misled him in the first place.

The one he loved was Chu Xiang, so he couldn’t be entangled with Bai Xuewei any longer.

“Just think that I was the one who wronged you,” Ye Chen said callously.

“I’ve given you compensation, but I’ll give you another two million yuan if you’re not satisfied.

Don’t pester me again.”

Bai Xuewei grabbed Ye Chen’s arm and wailed.

“What if I’m pregnant with your child”

“Abort the baby!” Ye Chen threw her off, then drove off to go straight to Chu Xiang’s classroom.

On the ground from being thrown off, she realized that he left without even glancing back once, and hatred began to fill her heart.

She had taken great pains to seduce him, yet he threw her away for no apparent reason.

Everything she did so confidently and affectionately still ended up in her being abandoned.

Bai Xuewei had always believed that they would always reconcile after their playful lovers’ quarrels, that they were a match made in heaven in the business circle.

The truth was that she just made a fool out of herself.

Bai Xuewei ground her teeth and stood up.

Since she had beaten Chu Xiang once, that meant she could do it again.

She must become Mrs.

Ye, no matter what!


Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei entered the classroom one after the other, but they couldn’t find Chu Xiang.

 Ye Chen felt uneasy because Chu Xiang hadn’t shown up yet even if class had already started.

He ran out to look for her all over the campus.

Chu Xiang came late to the class, about twenty minutes after the class had started.

She explained to the instructor that she was late because she had gone to the lecturers’ office.

Bai Xuewei winced.

The last time she got publicly criticized and warned, she hadn’t been able to concentrate on the course at all.

Her thoughts were jumbled, and before she could figure something out, the lecturer arrived at the door with a stern expression.

Just when she was about to apologize…

“Bai Xuewei, come with me to the office,” he said in a tightly controlled voice.

All the students stared at her.

Earlier, Chu Xiang went to see the lecturer.

Now, the lecturer came to look for Bai Xuewei.

Those two events were definitely connected, and with the lecturer being that furious… This might be world-shaking news.

One of the students ducked under the table to send a whispered voice message to her roommate, who was majoring in a different course.

She asked her to look into what was going on with Bai Xuewei.

When her seatmates heard what she was up to, they asked her to update them immediately once she received a reply.

Bai Xuewei left with the lecturer.

She met Ye Chen inside the office, along with the dean of students.

Afterwards, the lecturer played a recording of what Bai Xuewei said to Chu Xiang in the parking lot.

As it turned out, Chu Xiang went to see the lecturer in order to hand over the recording to him and accused Bai Xuewei and Ye Chen of harassing her again.

It seemed likely that Chu Xiang and the lecturer were teaming up against them.

(T/N: “Dean of students” is a college or university official, especially one with disciplinary and advisory functions.)

The recording was crystal clear.

It was revealed that Bai Xuewei was lamenting that Ye Chen had dumped her, saying that she was pregnant with his child, and so on.

She paled, trying and failing to snatch the recording.

The lecturer insisted that the recording play out to the end.

“Didn’t you say that Chu Xiang humiliated you” Ye Chen asked, gloomy.

“Then why is it that I could only hear you pestering her What really is the truth” He grabbed her arm and dragged her out.

“Let’s go! We’re getting you checked at a hospital.

I doubt that you’re really pregnant.”

The dean of students stood up in anger.

“Stop right there! No one is allowed to leave until this matter is cleared up.

Call your parents over!”

The students eavesdropping outside the door sped to the restroom to send a voice message back to their classmates who were still attending the lecture.


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