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The classroom buzzed with excitement, much to the instructor’s chagrin.

He frowned and slammed his hands on the table.

“What are you doing!”

The students stopped murmuring, but all of them lowered their heads to read the shocking news on the gossip page — Bai Xuewei was pregnant with Ye Chen’s child! More importantly, Bai Xuewei got dumped and she cried while begging Chu Xiang to not snatch Ye Chen from her!

Chu Xiang was late to the class today and she sat in the middle of the classroom.

The nearest classmate to her leaned over.

“Chu Xiang, is-is this true Have you…reconciled with Ye Chen”

Another classmate came over.

“Chu Xiang did a great job.

Just let that woman cry to death.

We’ll take back what she had snatched the way she took it.”

Chu Xiang glanced over the post on her cellphone.“Whether these things are true or false will be decided by the university,” she said dryly.

“ Still, garbage is supposed to be thrown into a garbage can, not touched.”

The classmates around Chu Xiang didn’t respond at first.

Thinking about it carefully, wasn’t Ye Chen the ‘garbage’ What Chu Xiang intended to say was that she didn’t condescend to snatch Ye Chen from Bai Xuewei.

That other woman really was crazy, involving Chu Xiang in their affairs.

It was impossible for the class to continue at this point.

The instructor would be better off packing up and letting the students have a free period.

Dissatisfied with the class performance, the instructor went to the lecturers’ office to see what Bai Xuewei was doing.

The dean of students’ complexion reddened further when he realized how far this issue had already spread.

Bai Xuewei was suspected to be pregnant and in possession of an apartment acquired through questionable means.

It would be catastrophic if the whole campus heard about it.

If the offenders didn’t get severe punishment this time, wouldn’t the previous warnings lose meaning What would happen to the campus’ reputation The atmosphere

The dean of students instructed Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei to urge their parents to come to campus at once.

Their parents lived nearby, so it would be reasonable for them to come on the same day to solve the problem.

Otherwise, they would be suspended and forced to return home.

Bai Ling ran into Sun Jie while she was rushing to the campus and subconsciously called her ‘Mrs.

Ye’ and held out her hand to shake.

Who would’ve thought that the other woman would look at her with such disdain

When the parents arrived, the dean of students had also called Chu Xiang over to the office.

She asked the dean of students to play the recording again.

The words that Bai Xuewei herself said and made her feel ashamed were repeated in front of everyone.

Bai Xuewei’s face turned red, ashamed to show her face in front of Sun Jie.

She looked at Chu Xiang with tears filling her eyes.

“Xiang Xiang, why did you record it Are you doing this on purpose”

Everyone in the office stared at Chu Xiang.

After all, not everyone records all their conversations with people.

People would definitely start wondering now that it had been brought to attention.

Chu Xiang didn’t hesitate for a moment.

“Yes, I did it on purpose.” Her long legs were crossed, arms folded and face stony.

Bai Xuewei couldn’t find an opening when Chu Xiang answered so naturally and directly.

“You… I’m sorry,” Bai Xuewei said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I know that I’ve made a mistake, but what would people think of A Chen if you react this way Professor, everything is my fault, I’m the only one who should be punished.”

Chu Xiang paid her no heed.

She directed her next words to the dean of students.

“Professor, these past few days I’ve been reading the legal regulations concerning those people who create repeated disturbances.

The personal safety protection law is pretty good, but our country doesn’t have it.

In this case, may I request the campus to keep these two away from me while I’m on the premises.

I immediately started recording Bai Xuewei for evidence because I knew she would disturb me with her hypocrisy again.

Professor, I believe it is understandable that whatever is going on between them has nothing to do with me.

I had hoped that I could study comfortably here instead of being constantly harassed.”

Sun Jie dragged Ye Chen to the side.

“Ye Chen, apologize to Xiang Xiang now.

Do you know how many troubles you have caused Xiang Xiang Can’t you wait until the class ends and discuss the problem in private”


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