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Ye, please don’t say anything that might cause misunderstandings.

I don’t have any sort of relationship with Ye Chen, be it on campus or in private,” Chu Xiang said, not even bothering to humor the older woman.

She grabbed her bag as she stood.

“Professor, that’s how I’ve decided to deal with this problem.

May I go now”

“You may.

Chu Xiang, the final exam is coming soon, I hope you won’t be distracted because of these issues.

The campus will definitely consider your request seriously.”

“Thank you, Professor.” Chu Xiang thanked the dean of students politely before she left.

Completely ignored by Chu Xiang, Sun Jie vented all of her anger out on the mother-daughter pair by sarcastically insulting them.

Bai Ling had always felt inferior, so the only thing she could say was that Ye Chen couldn’t just dump her daughter even if she ruined his reputation.

One side was holding themselves on a moral high ground while the other had to put up with emotional blackmail.

Sun Jie had thought of leaving immediately after exchanging greetings, but Bai Ling wouldn’t let that happen.

She insisted that Ye Chen had to take responsibility for Bai Xuewei and continue being with her.

The more she talked, the angrier Sun Jie became.

In the end, the dean let Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei return home, imposing a study break on them.

They would only go to the campus to take the semester’s final exam.

As for a more definite punishment, it would be decided after the school board discussed it.

As soon as Ye Chen left the campus, he took Bai Xuewei to the hospital to get her checked.

Bai Xuewei wasn’t pregnant.

“I never said that I was pregnant,” she explained.

“I only said that I’m probably pregnant.

It’s Chu Xiang’s recording that made everyone misunderstand.”

“Wasn’t that deliberate You even told her about not practicing contraception or whatever the hell that was.

You wanted to disgust her on purpose, didn’t you” Noticing that Bai Xuewei still wanted to say something in her defense, he sneered and continued talking, giving her no opportunity to speak.

“I don’t care about all your excuses; in short, you’ve also successfully disgusted me.

It just so happens that I haven’t transferred the ownership of the apartment yet.

Pack up and leave.

I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Forget about the two million yuan too, and don’t pester me anymore.

I feel sick when I recall what you said earlier.”

Ye Chen no longer thought Bai Xuewei to be gentle.

Now that he was able to look at her more objectively, comparing her words from the recording to her excuses made it easy for him to imagine how she could have sown dissent between him and Chu Xiang in the past.

He’d been furious at Chu Xiang when he thought she cheated on him with Xiao Han, but now there was only regret.

How could he still have the dignity to face her

Bai Xuewei nearly cursed out loud, but she had to protect whatever sway she might have left over him.

She swallowed her anger, smiling through the pain.

“I know that you won’t believe anything I say next because I’ve made a mistake.

I was so scared when I saw you chasing after Chu Xiang the other day, and then your mother called me, and… Never mind.

In the end, my imagination got the better of me because I couldn’t contact you, and it only got worse when you said you wanted to break up with me.

I went to find Chu Xiang and let my fears do the talking.

Thinking back on it makes me feel so ashamed of myself.

I’m sorry, A Chen, I didn’t expect that things would get this messy.

I–I’ll move out.

Actually my mom already went because I… wanted to live like a newlywed couple with you.

There aren’t a lot of things in the apartment, so it won’t take long.”

She wiped her tears away as she smiled, revealing the sweet look that Ye Chen liked the most.

“Don’t worry, I won’t pester you anymore.

I was the one who destroyed the relationship between you and Xiang Xiang.

I’ve wronged her.

It would be great if you two could reconcile.

Well… goodbye.”

Bai Xuewei looked at Ye Chen earnestly for quite a while, as if she wanted to engrave the appearance of the person she loved the most in her heart.

Afterwards, she left without looking back.

Her back was straight as she walked without any hesitation, her receding figure exuding grace.


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