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Chu Xiang switched off the video and thought for a bit while reading the documents, then laughed softly.

She didn’t know when exactly Xiao Han caught her staring at his necktie, but the sight of him loosening it was unexpectedly sexy!

She went into her dressing room and selected a red gown with thin shoulder straps that looked like they could snap at any moment.

The plunging neckline and delicate fabric accentuated her beautiful and charming figure.

Her dress fluttered at the slightest movement.

Chu Xiang examined her appearance in the mirror, added a touch of red lipstick, and smiled faintly.

She was also very seductive, right She matched with the red wine that Xiao Han had meticulously picked out.

The finishing touch was a delicate white scarf over her shoulders that transformed her from a seductress to a fashionable beauty.

Chu Xiang hid her flirtatious expression, fixed her hair, and drove to Xiao Han’s residence with the documents in her bag.

Xiao Han didn’t like anyone other than close friends in his home and had always lived alone.

His house was in Longwan district in Wenzhou city, not far from the Xiao Company.

When Chu Xiang entered his house, she saw a room with shades of black, white, and gray.

Everything inside of the room was neat and tidy.

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Chu Xiang took measure of the room, smiling.


Xiao, I heard that this style of interior decoration is called “minimalist” and that usually, the owner that lives in the house is strict and controlled.

Would you say that describes you”

Xiao Han had already taken off his suit and tie and had on a simple black shirt with the top two buttons undone.

An air of mystery and temptation surrounded him.

He stood behind the bar counter, poured the red wine into the decanter, and smiled indifferently.

“Less is more.

Someone might act with restraint just to conceal a deeper desire within themself.”

Chu Xiang walked over and leaned on the bar counter, looking at the wine.

“That makes me want to probe a bit more.”

“Miss Chu has a lot of chances to do so.” Xiao Han glanced at his watch.

“It’s still early, why don’t we revise our plan while we wait for the wine to breathe”


This is my first time collaborating with you, so I’m excited to see what sort of ideas we can come up with.” Chu Xiang fiddled with her earrings, following him with a smile on her face.

They arrived in the study.

Xiao Han went ahead of her and easily pushed a spare chair over to where his work chair was.

He sat down and turned on the computer.

“I have some information here, you can take a look.”

“Alright.” Chu Xiang took a seat next to him, reading the information on the screen.

Since they wanted to take the Ye Family’s brand name, they both of them had already contacted each other several times to discuss most of the circumstances.

What Xiao Han was showing her was secret insider information, which revealed that they needed to change their plans.

Xiao Han was very experienced, he had already faced the ups and downs in the battlefield of the business world for a very long time.

He could handle all sorts of unexpected conditions with skill and ease.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang was new to the workplace.

She was able and efficient, but inevitably, there would be things that she wouldn’t be able to think of.

Xiao Han would supplement the places where Chu Xiang made errors and mistakes, and explain to her why this and that was wrong and needed to be changed.

Chu Xiang listened attentively, applying her newfound knowledge to deduce outcomes and asking various questions.

Xiao Han offered solutions to the possible circumstances that may arise, and she responded with more questions until they drifted further and further away from the original topic.

Xiao Han checked the time.

Right when Chu Xiang was about to ask another question, he leaned forward to take the file folder that was by her other side.

His chest drew close to Chu Xiang, almost touching her.

The light, minty notes of his cologne reminded her of their plans to drink red wine.


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