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Chu Xiang’s last sentence seemed to have awakened Bai Ling.

She looked at Chu Xiang, then Chu Dongqi, and then Fang Qing.

She finally stopped trying to explain everything and hurriedly ran back to her room to pack her luggage.

Chu Xiang raised her chin at the other servants and said, “I’m not very trusting of Auntie Bai’s character, so go and watch her pack.

Make sure we don’t lose anything.”

“Yes, my lady.” The servants immediately understood the meaning behind Chu Xiang’s words and headed straight to Bai Ling’s room.

They watched her carefully as she packed her bags.

Everyone had worked together for many years already, so they could all tell which items were personal belongings and which items belonged to the villa.

Bai Ling had stayed in the Chu Family for over ten years, so there were many items that she would use that belonged to the Chu Family.

For example, she was used to taking some of the bird’s nest from the Chu Family’s kitchen, etc.

She didn’t have any intention of stealing, but she had gotten used to using some of the items that belonged to the Chu Family.

Being stared at by these people while she packed was like having numerous needles piercing through her body.

A few of the servants that were watching her were gossiping right at her face.

They were saying that she was a white-eyed wolf, someone who was ungrateful for all that she was given and even shamelessly used her employer’s items without informing them.

They even gossiped about how she taught her daughter how to become a green tea b*tch.

Bai Ling almost fainted from all the gossip.

She glared at them angrily and shouted, “Stop spouting nonsense! What do you know Are you afraid that they will cut off your tongue after you go to hell”

The servants glanced at each other and smiled at her mockingly.

“Why would we be afraid of going to hell when you’re not afraid of going to hell after you had committed all these heinous deeds”

“Your daughter is quite capable.

She was pampered and lived the life of a wealthy young lady since she was young.

Now, she could still marry herself off to a wealthy young master after she’d reached adulthood.

It seems like you didn’t live your life in vain.”

“This was all because Sister Bai had taught her daughter well.

Like mother, like daughter; they are both shameless.

“You! You guys——” Bai Ling didn’t want to argue with others, especially when she didn’t know how to refute their claims.

She was so angry and frustrated that she was quaking in rage yet couldn’t say a word to back herself up.

One of the servants glanced at her watch and said, “Sister Bai, please hurry up and pack your bags.

You only have 10 minutes left to finish packing.

Let’s stretch a little and get our muscles ready.

I don’t want us to pull a muscle when we throw things out later.”

“Don’t worry, we’re very healthy.

We definitely won’t get injured or tired from simply throwing a few bags of luggage away.

Our main purpose is to prevent a certain someone from tainting our lady’s eyes.”

Bai Ling knew that they would really throw her out in a heartbeat, so no matter how angry she was, she didn’t dare to continue to dawdle around.

She sped up and hurriedly packed her things.

She had just called Bai Xuewei, but unfortunately, her daughter did not answer her call.

Since she was the only one here, she must make sure she wasn’t physically kicked out of the Chu Family like trash.

Otherwise, the Ye Family will definitely refuse to accept her as their in-laws.

Fang Qing noticed that it was quite noisy around the servant’s sleeping quarters.

She shook her head and smiled with amusement, “It seems like you’ve figured it out.

Bai Ling has very strong self-esteem and pride, so making the others watch her pack like she is a thief will definitely make her feel uncomfortable and upset.”

She stepped forward and straightened Chu Xiang’s hair.

She said softly, “What you did just now is correct.

We won’t use our power and status to bully others, but we also shouldn’t stay back if we’re being bullied.

When you encounter something like this in the future, don’t lie to us.

Instead, you should come straight to us and we will help you.

After all, parents should be their child’s strongest backers.”

Chu Xiang nodded her head and said, “Mother, don’t worry anymore.

I’ve figured everything out now.”


I understand.

Let’s head upstairs and change your clothes.

After we have dinner, tell me how you want to spend the rest of your day.

I won’t head to work today, instead, I will accompany you to do whatever it is that you wish to do.”

Chu Dongqi walked over and said apologetically, ‘Xiang Xiang, I have a meeting this afternoon.

I can’t postpone it even though I wish I could.

Let’s have dinner when I come back from the meeting.”

Chu Xiang stretched out her arms and hugged her parents.

She smiled happily and said, “Mother and father, I’m already very happy that you care about me so much.

You should do what you need to do, I’ll be fine alone.

The doctor already told us that I’m perfectly healthy.

Ye Chen is a scumbag that is not worth my tears or love.

I will just watch some TV or play some games at home.

I’ll call you if I need anything.”

Chu Dongqi stroked his daughter’s head and sighed, “My daughter has grown up now and now knows how to care for me and your mother.

That’s fine, you can stay at home and have fun.

If you want to go out, you can call your friends to hang out with you.

You can also call me whenever you want.

I have set your number to have a special ringtone, so even if I’m in a meeting, I will pick up your calls.”


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