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At this point in time, not only was Chu Xiang an independent leader of a project, but also the acting liaison for the cooperation between the Chu and Xiao Families.

Her once free schedule had suddenly been filled with all these important tasks.

In addition to all that, she had also been given her own independent office, next to her parents’ offices located at the top floor of the company building.

Though the office was not very large or grand, it nevertheless matched her current status in the company.

Her sudden rise in position and achievement of independence had, however, provided a perfect topic for others to gossip about.

With so many employees currently in the company, Chu Dongqi and Find Qing couldn’t possibly keep everyone’s mouth shut.

Since Chu Xiang is indeed their daughter, the other employees could not help but think that the pair of doting parents were spoiling her far too much.

Fortunately, both Chu Xiang and Xiao Han knew just how profitable their cooperation could be.

The other people, on the other hand, had thoughts that were similar to the ones of the Ye Family and only saw their cooperation as some sort of small project.

While the other higher-ups looked down on them and had their own opinions, no one truly dared to obstruct or interfere with their project.

The most they would do was assert their stance regarding the cooperation during the meetings as they did not want to be responsible for any deficits or losses that may result from their suggestions.

These days, Chu Xiang would be busy selecting team members for her independent project, writing down and organizing the notes she jotted down during meetings, and working on her two projects.

Even amidst her packed schedule, she would even attend classes in her university and review the knowledge she learned from various subjects.

Thus, she had long since forgotten about the red wine at President Xiao’s house.

Aside from working non-stop around the clock, the video calls she had with Xiao Han usually had something to do with work — lacking any sort of ambiguity.

After Chu Xiang hung up on Xiao Han again, he called in his secretary.

“During our meeting in half an hour, I want to know all the latest information regarding the project.

I want everyone to make their own changes to the original bidding documents as I strive to create a better plan for our meeting with Dongfang tomorrow.

For now, contact Miss Chu’s assistant and make an appointment at a time suitable for both parties.”

“I’ll get to work on that task immediately, President Xiao.”

After the secretary left the office, he posted a sticker of a large ice cube in the group chat before sending out Xiao Han’s orders.

Everyone began to feel concerned about their current situation.

From their perspective, President Xiao seemed to have taken the wrong medicine and turned into a workaholic that was far too enthusiastic about his smaller projects.

None of them could understand why he would put more emphasis on the small project rather than paying more attention to the larger cooperation with Dongfang.

Not only had he arranged more meetings with the person working with him on the smaller project, but he had also been more strict with anything that had to do with that project.

Furthermore, he had even ordered the employees working on the small project to work overtime for the reason unbeknownst to them.

No matter what kind of opinions they had, however, no one dared ignore or oppose President Xiao’s orders.

With that, the employees on that project’s team racked their brains to pick out any defects within the bidding documents as quickly as possible.

At the meeting, all the employees felt a wintry air blowing from President Xiao.

They cautiously elaborated on the bones they picked out of the documents and waited to be scolded.

Unexpectedly though, President Xiao was actually satisfied with the results of their hard work even after seeing so many problems with the original document.

Xiao Han knocked on the table to call their attention.

“In our meeting with Dongfang Group tomorrow, you should speak out and provide more of your suggestions to strive to create an improved bidding document.

Anyone who discovers any issues in the document will be rewarded with a bonus accordingly.

Anyways, our meeting for today will end here.”

After Xiao Han left the room, everyone looked at each other in dismay, uncertain of what President Xiao was trying to focus on.

Someone among the group casually joked, “President Xiao couldn’t possibly be doing this for the meeting with Dongfang, right”

None of them thought too deeply into the situation while the ones who actually listened didn’t take it too seriously.

Everyone simply laughed it off and went on their quest to pick out the flaws.

No one would have thought that Xiao Han went to such great lengths just to find an excuse to meet up with Chu Xiang.

A beauty who could only be sought after.

In the middle of a long, dark night, Xiao Han had a dream that caught him by surprise, a dream about Chu Xiang dressed in the appearance of a queen.

The Chu Xiang in his dream was dressed in the same black diamond evening dress that she wore to the banquet.

Taking delicate yet elegant steps forward, she would occasionally smile back at him.

For whatever reason, however, he could not reach his hands out to her no matter what he did or how hard he tried.


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