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Xiao Han started the car but didn’t drive off yet.

Chu Xiang turned to look at Ye Chen..

“What are you so angry about”

Ye Chen looked at her incredulously and replied.

“What am I angry about! Chu Xiang, it’s only been such a short time, yet you’re already together with Xiao Han No wonder the Xiao family is suddenly working with the Dongfang Group to seize the bid from my family…”

“Stop!” Chu Xiang held up her palm and looked at him from head to toe.

“Are you still some kid in kindergarten Or are you some type of monster who does not understand the human language Do you truly not understand why I want to snatch the bid away from your family It’s because you keep on harassing me, you bastard! If you continue to keep this up, I will not hesitate to ruin the entire Ye Family.

Try it if you don’t believe me.

Also, does it really matter to you who I end up with Stay away from me.

This is the last instance where I’m willing to waste my time and effort to speak with you.”

Just as Chu Xiang walked past him and was about to leave, Ye Chen subconsciously reached out his hand and pulled her back.

However, she grabbed him by his fingers and twisted them without hesitation — resulting in a blood-curdling screech.

“Chu Xiang, let go of my hand!” Ye Chen knelt to the ground in an attempt to relieve the sharp pain, his face twisted in agony.

Chu Xiang sneered at him coldly.

“It seems that you won’t learn until you suffer enough.

In that case, I will let you understand the true meaning of pain until you finally stop bothering me.”

Xiao Han relaxed in his car seat and watched the show unfold.

It seemed that his initial worries were unnecessary, although looking back to the incident at Mr.

Chen’s birthday banquet, Chu Xiang had also used the same trick to deal with Ye Chen during their encounter.

Ye Chen — clutching his hand — said furiously, “Chu Xiang, can you just hear me out for a moment I have already cut off my relationship with Bai Xuewei since everything was essentially caused by her to begin with.

I came over to talk to you and ask for your forgiveness, hoping that we can start all over from ground zero.

If I didn’t have any feelings left for you, do you think I would constantly let you beat me up without any form of retaliation”

Having no interest whatsoever in anything that he had to say, Chu Xiang replied indifferently, “I don’t have any interest in recycling trash nor having any sort of connection with you.

If you really understand the human language, you should probably pay more attention to the state of your Ye Family’s company.

Just to let you know, I wasn’t joking when I said that I would cause the you to go bankrupt.”

After spelling out her intentions, Chu Xiang waved goodbye to Xiao Han and walked into her villa.

“Chu Xiang, I don’t believe you to be such a heartless person! I will never give up on you, and I want to start pursuing you again!” he shouted, unwilling to let go of her.

Surprised by his declaration, the servants in the yard looked to Chu Xiang.

“Miss Chu, what’s going on with Young Master Ye”

Chu Xiang then shrugged her shoulders.

“Perhaps he may have watched a bit too many brain-dead dramas and thinks that he’s chasing after a stupid, ignorant woman.

If he comes back to the villa again, tell security to chase him away.”

“Yes, Miss Chu.”


Just as Ye Chen turned back to have a word with Xiao Han, he saw that he had already driven away, probably as soon as Chu Xiang went back into the villa.

As he stared at the back of Xiao Han’s car as it vanished into the horizon, Ye Chen reassured himself that Chu Xiang wouldn’t really do anything.

Even if they were on conflicting sides now, how could the Chu Family — their family friends for so many years — suddenly want to bankrupt the Ye Family.

Besides, his family was one of the few powerhouses in the business industry.

Did Chu Xiang think she could take them down by herself

Over the years that Ye Chen had spent with Chu Xiang, she had never taken a single step into the business industry.

How could she possibly know anything about the bidding system in such a short period of time Thus, he believed that Chu Xiang was possibly being taken advantage of by Xiao Han.

Otherwise, why would the Xiao family be willing to support Chu Xiang in snatching the bid away from the Ye Family If that’s the case, Xiao Han’s true motive would be to take over the resources of the Dongfang Group by getting closer to the Chu Family.

Thinking about such a possibility, Ye Chen regretted speaking to Chu Xiang so rudely.

He originally wanted to have an honest, gentle conversation with her to resolve the issues between them, but how did they end up having yet another fight upon seeing each other That good-for-nothing Xiao Han did not deserve someone like Chu Xiang.

Ye Chen fumed when he saw how Xiao Han was about to go in for a kiss.

He did not even want to consider what might have happened next.


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