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Very soon, the results for the final exam came out.

To everyone’s surprise, Chu Xiang managed to score first in her major while Bai Xuewei scored relatively low, almost failing entirely.

When her family received the news of the results, they were naturally ecstatic and happy for her.

At the end of the day, the protagonist ended up with great news while the mistress, on the other hand, got what she deserved — a bad ending.

As such, some people recalled the moment when Chu Xiang told them not to disturb her in her studies and posted about it online.

Furthermore, there were even some internet trolls who took advantage of the opportunity to create a meme that went viral in the university forum, stating: “Why study when you can just date instead”

For a moment, another famous quote appeared in the university forum again.

“Study hard and reach into the heavens”.

Under the contemptuous eyes of her classmates, Bai Xuewei felt extremely stressed.

Furthermore, she never expected to perform so poorly in her final exams.

Since she was preoccupied with something else during the exam, perhaps she had carelessly answered even the questions that she studied.

Even if she never placed much importance on her grades, her image had been entirely shaped into a studious girl over the years.

Ever since Chu Xiang “returned the favor,” the university no longer regarded her highly and instead saw her as a mistress.

Constantly bearing such a tainted image had created a burden too heavy for her to bear alone.

Having been raised in a wealthy family, Bai Xuewei had always looked down on the other ordinary students in her heart.

Even if she had nothing now, she still believed that she was much better than everyone else.

Thus, she simply couldn’t bear the constant scornful gazes of the other students.

Still acting as a damsel-in-distress, Bai Xuewei deliberately positioned herself in a place where Ye Chen would normally pass by and started wailing her eyes out to catch his attention.

Although he wanted to walk away and ignore her, he could not help but walk towards her and ask: “What’s wrong”

Turning away from his gaze, she wiped her tears in a hurry.

“Nothing, I’m fine…”

Ye Chen then said impatiently: “You’re bawling your eyes out, yet you still say you’re okay Just tell me, what’s wrong”

“I-I… bombed my test… and now… everyone’s making fun of me…”

“You’re crying just because of that” Ye Chen sneered, forgetting that he had once attacked Chu Xiang with Bai Xuewei’s good grades.

Deep down in his heart, he truly believed that a university is a place for leisure time, not for studying or getting good grades.

Bai Xuewei forced out a smile.

“I’m fine.

It’s just… that there are so many people mocking and laughing at me, which makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.

You know just how eager I am to get ahead in life, right As the internships during our summer vacation approach… I’m just scared that they’re going to talk behind my back again and lower my chances of working at a good company.”

“Oh… I’m so sorry.

I shouldn’t be venting all these burdens to you.

Umm… Well… I won’t bother you any longer, so I’ll be on my way now.” Bai Xuewei looked at Ye Chen and smiled one last time before turning back around to leave.

Looking at her miserable state, Ye Chen looked at her kindly.

“I’ll inform you about the internships later, but don’t get the wrong idea.

I’m only helping you because we’ve known each other for more than a decade now.

I also can’t bear to see you constantly being ridiculed by the others.”

“Really!” she exclaimed.

 “Thank you so much, Ah Chen!”

Not wanting to interact with her any longer, Ye Chen walked away impatiently.

With two years left in university, she would have to lay out her plans in advance and use her time wisely.

As summer vacation arrived, the university cooperated with various companies and organized a career expo for any students looking for potential internship opportunities.

This important event — taking place in the university hall — allowed the students to choose between a wide variety of companies.

However, they were required to bring in their resumes to register for their interviews.

When Bai Xuewei was taking a look around the expo, she happened to bump into a female student that she knew from occasionally staying at the dormitory.

The female student then asked her, “Are you going for some interviews”

Bai Xuewei shook her head.

“No, I have already passed the interview with the Lisheng Group and will be interning at their company during summer vacation.”

“Wow, you must be very extraordinary then!” The female student praised her before going with her friends to look at the other companies, not wanting to talk to Bai Xuewei any longer.

The students who happened to eavesdrop on their conversation could not help but stare at Bai Xuewei.

Suddenly, a female student who was just rejected by a company whispered from the side.

“So what if she became a mistress and even bombed her final exam She still ended up getting an internship at a well-known company.

I even ridiculed her before… Hah… In the end, I may still not be able to compare to her in this lifetime.”

“Just ignore it.

We will never be able to walk down her path.”

“I find this whole situation amusing.

Ever since Chu Xiang retaliated against Bai Xuewei, she had even received various kinds of congratulations on the school forum — wishing for her happiness.

Who knew that Bai Xuewei would remain unfazed even after all that.

Just take a good look at her.

She’s still the same dazzling and beautiful Bai Xuewe.”

“Th-Then… how do you know Chu Xiang isn’t more beautiful than her Huh… Look, isn’t that Chu Xiang”


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