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Upon hearing what happened, one of the students whispered, “Such things in the past should surely be pardoned, right No one had any inside information about the situation at that time…”

In response, another female student standing at the side said, “If you don’t know anything, then stop spouting nonsense and spreading any false rumors.

As a wise man once said, what goes around comes around.

Her previous actions had certainly come back to bite her.

In fact, I too agree with Chu Xiang’s remarks.

Wouldn’t any sort of gossip or rumors negatively affect the atmosphere of the company and decrease the efficiency of their employees”

“That’s true, but Chu Xiang is also being so strict.

Seeing how she’s testing our English speaking abilities, I probably won’t be able to pass her interview.”

“It’s good to be strict with such things.

Since the interview demands such high requirements, anyone who manages to intern in the company will surely learn many things.”

Meanwhile, another male student had just failed his interview with Chu Xiang.

He reluctantly asked why he did not pass.

“You insulted me once before, and I took it personally.”

The male student did indeed insult her once before, saying Ye Chen had thrown her aside for a reason.

Since Chu Xiang never forgot the face of the male student who said that to her, the bastard got what he deserved in the end.

Hearing her reasons for rejecting his application, the male student blustered, embarrassed.

“What kind of recruiter takes advantage of their position to get revenge for their own private matters”

Chu Xiang spread out her hands.

“This is my family’s company, so why can’t I recruit in such a fashion Furthermore, I was the one who organized this internship opportunity.

Since I’m the one hiring interns, I will naturally be the one who makes the rules here.

Anyone who has insulted or wronged me in the past will immediately be rejected.

It’s that simple.

So, please leave.”

Seeing how the male student still wanted to make a fuss, the security immediately dragged him out.

At around this time, the career expo bustled with many students, most of which had their gazes pointed towards Chu Xiang’s booth.

One of the students looked at her admiringly.

“Queen Chu has such a domineering presence.

To think that she actually isn’t a gentle and delicate person.”

“Those are the true qualities of Queen Chu.

What are those gentle qualities that you spoke of Anyways, I must definitely pass the interviews!”

“Following Queen Chu will certainly bring us many benefits.

Recalling how Chu Xiang was going to give Bai Xuewei a large mansion of her own, even if we don’t get to be her best friend, being her subordinate would surely not be a bad idea.”

“Right, I definitely wouldn’t mind being her subordinate.

Hmm… Speaking of the mansion, what happened to it”

“I heard from one of my relatives that Chu Xiang’s ten million yuan donation was indeed included in the charity list.

Looking into it for myself, I even received information that she sold the mansion for 9.6 million yuan and donated it all to charity.”

The group of students erupted in an uproar upon counting out the digits with their hands.

To think that she would actually follow through with her words to donate the millions of yuan away to charity.

Although Chu Xiang may certainly be wealthy, the mansion was actually supposed to be given to Bai Xuewei.

Everyone suddenly thought back to Bai Xuewei,constantly searching for her figure in the career expo.

She was then spotted at the entrance of the hall, seeming as if she was about to leave.

The students who once envied and thought highly of her internship at Lisheng Company suddenly began looking down on her — seeing her as some sort of disappointment.

What’s the use of interning at Lisheng Company Is it any better than serving as Chu Xiang’s subordinate What’s the use of stealing Ye Chen away Could the benefits she received from him be greater than the mansion, worth millions of yuan, that Chu Xiang was going to give her”

A thought popped up in the minds of the students, that how normal people like them should not be compared to someone like Bai Xuewei.

After all, she started her life with everything given to her while they had to gradually work from the bottom up.

Even if Bai Xuewei did get an internship at Lisheng Company, she would still be going downhill in life.

Everyone who once envied Bai Xuewei before no longer felt the same; in fact, the baffling thing was that some of them even began to pity her.

Ever since her childhood days, Bai Xuewei had been extremely sensitive to the feelings and impressions that other people had of her.

To begin with, her main reason for coming to the career expo was to flaunt her internship at Lisheng Company and to shower herself with the envious looks of the other students.

However, she was only able to enjoy that feeling for a couple of minutes before Chu Xiang’s appearance reverted the feelings that the other students had on her back to ridicule and pity.

Bai Xuewei hated the ridicule of others, but absolutely despised the pity.

She loathed the person at the center of all these feelings — Chu Xiang.


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