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As Bai Xuewei quickly stepped away from the career expo, the feeling of shame and humiliation lingered in her mind, unable to simply be tossed away.

At this moment, she could not win against Chu Xiang in any aspect.

Regardless of how hardworking or outstanding she was in the past, Bai Xuewei would be inferior to Chu Xiang in everything; however, isn’t that just because Chu Xiang was born into a wealthy family The moment Chu Xiang was born, she already had everything in her grasp.

In contrast, Bai Xuewei would never be able to achieve those things no matter how much she struggled for them.

Bai Xuewei’s heart twisted in envy, for she would have to marry into a wealthy family in order to achieve her dreams.

Even then, who would be willing to marry the daughter of an ex-housekeeper of the Chu Family The only person who would do that was Ye Chen, her childhood friend whom she had known for more than a whole decade.

In short, the Ye Family would also be the only rich family that she had a chance of marrying into.

Although she had already captured Ye Chen’s heart, her efforts and progress were all ruined by Chu Xiang.

It seemed as if they were born to be each other’s archnemesis.

Today, Chu Xiang stood in the limelight while Bai Xuewei had no choice but to tuck her tail between her legs and run away like a stray dog.

Having once been known as the most compatible best friends in the entire university, the two of them now stood on opposite ends of the spectrum, a complete reversal.

As the career expo was just about to end, An Lan — who had come along with her friends — looked at a certain forum post with her phone, her mouth twitching slightly.

She then showed the forum post to Chu Xiang and said, “Chu Xiang, Ye Chen is waiting for you at the front entrance with his car filled with flowers again.

Why don’t you leave via the back entrance instead He’s such an annoying pest.”

Chu Xiang chuckled, “Thank you, but you don’t have to worry about him.”

An Lan thought back to the time Chu Xiang almost hit Ye Chen with her car and giggled, “That’s true.

He would be fuming with anger after every single attempt.

Chu Xiang, are you free the day after tomorrow I’m planning to celebrate my birthday with some friends.

Would you like to come and meet more new people”

The An family is more or less similar in size and influence to the Ye Family.

Furthermore, An Lan’s friends are mostly young adults that are otherwise known as the second generation.

Some are even the heirs of other companies.

Thinking for a moment, Chu Xiang figured that she could get to know some of those people to feel out whether their families would be amenable to cooperation.

“In that case, I will be attending your party.

I wish you a happy birthday in advance.”

An Lan burst with excitement.

“Thank you so much! My friends will certainly be jumping in elation upon hearing the news of your attendance.

I am pretty sure you have no idea that you’re the role model of my family right now.

Everyone will be ecstatic to hear that you’ll be coming over.”

“How cute,” Chu Xiang replied as her lips curled into a smile.

An Lan’s face flushed red as she lost her composure.

“This is foul play! You’re not supposed to excite me this way!”

The surrounding students burst laughing upon hearing her response, and Chu Xiang could not help but to do the same.

After the funny moment, Chu Xiang proceeded to pack up the things in her booth and prepared to leave.

One of the employees asked, “Miss Chu, will you be going back to the company”

Looking at the message on her phone, she chuckled.

“No, someone is here to pick me up.”

At the front entrance, Ye Chen sat glamorously in his red sports car that was covered with red roses.

Suddenly, a black Mercedes-Maybach slowly drifted along and parked across the front entrance of the university.

Although Ye Chen noticed its grand appearance, he could not see the people inside the car due to the black tinted windows.

Despite the distraction, he leaned on his sports car, posing handsomely, and concentrated on impressing Chu Xiang.

Now that Chu Xiang whole-heartedly rejected him, Ye Chen had become even more persistent, as if he had re-discovered his passionate love for Chu Xiang once again.

The moment Ye Chen noticed Chu Xiang coming out with her classmates, he stood tall and smiled brightly.

“Xiang Xiang, today marks the fifteenth anniversary since we first met.

Would you like to have a meal with me to commemorate the occasion”

As soon as the driver of the Mercedes-Maybach opened the door and stepped out, all the gazes of the students shot towards him.

Looking at the car’s exquisite appearance, it seemed to be a car that was reserved for private uses.

Who was the driver who just walked out of the car Why did he come to their university

Taking his first stride out of his car as the driver opened the door was a suit-clad Xiao Han.

His handsome, dashing appearance had a tremendous impact on the students staring at him as he gave off a presence similar to that of the CEO of a large company.

Isn’t such a scene only reserved for the handsome CEOs in popular TV dramas

The students merely watched in awe as Xiao Han re-adjusted his collar and walked towards them.

Looking at the person in the midst of the crowd, he then said, “Xiang Xiang, let me help you carry your bag.”


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