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Although Xiao Han’s expression remained unfazed, his actions seemed to say otherwise as he moved his body to her side and lowered his head obediently.

Wiping his lipstick-smeared lips with her thumb, Chu Xiang giggled.

“Other girls will go crazy if you let them see your current appearance.”

Xiao Han focused his gaze on her.

“What about you”

Chu Xiang raised her eyebrows and slowly tied his necktie.

“I will only make others crazy.” She then lifted her eyes and warned him with a smile.

“President Xiao, don’t love me too much, or else it will hurt.”

Wrapping his arms around her, Xiao Han closed in on her face.

“Less is more.

The greater the risk, the better the reward.”

Chu Xiang did not respond to his words.

Instead, she simply leaned onto his shoulder and relaxed with her eyes closed.

Soon enough, she had already fallen asleep in his comfortable embrace.

Looking down at her delicate face, Xiao Han lifted his hand and gently rubbed her cheeks.

Having been working non-stop during this period of time, slight bags had already appeared beneath her eyes.

Thus, Xiao Han set aside all the dates he had planned in advance.

Only after she finishes her tasks will he invite her on another date.

Now, he truly understood what she meant by saying how it will hurt if he loves her too much.

To think that the first woman he had fallen in love with would be someone who prioritizes her work over anything else.

As such, he could only stand by her side and be a workaholic himself.

After getting enough sleep and filling her stomach with food, Chu Xiang headed back to her company to finish her tasks for the day, feeling as if time had passed quickly.


On the day of An Lan’s birthday, she called Chu Xiang early in the morning to remind her of the birthday dinner.

At that time, Chu Xiang was video calling Xian Han.

Just as Xian Han asked her who was calling her, Chu Xiang had already answered An Lan’s call.

Xiao Han considered it for a moment, and decided he would try fishing for a date.

“Why don’t we go together to the party I rarely get the chance to meet you in person since you’re so busy with work.

Although it may be someone else’s party, I will at least be able to see you again.”

Despite his valiant attempt, Chu Xiang rejected him mercilessly.

“Everyone at the party will be young adults, so what’s the point of you going”

Xiao Han’s expression darkened.

“But I’m only five years older than you.”

“Even then, you’re a generation above us, so you won’t have any relatable topics to talk about with them.” Chu Xiang began to put on make-up.

“Furthermore, you’re the president of the Xiao Group.

Don’t you know how much pressure the others will feel if you go there Since the bid will take place tomorrow, why don’t you work a bit longer and see if there’s any way to further enhance our plans instead I’ll give you a call after I go back from the party.”

After looking through his schedule for the day and seeing how he will be free at night, Xian Han sighed.

“Call me after the party ends.

I’ll go pick you up and send you back home.”

Having done the final touches to her makeup, she looked at her reflection in the mirror before smiling at her camera.

“Will I be able to… go home after you pick me up Alright, just wait for my call.

I’ll be going to work now.”

Chu Xiang sent a kiss flying towards Xiao Han before hanging up and going to her office.

An Lan’s birthday banquet will take place at dinner and go on until late at night.

Chu Xiang only intended to attend the dinner before going home.

Since the bid would take place tomorrow, it would not be suitable for her to play around late at night the day before.

On the other end, Xiao Han looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, wondering if his dissatisfaction was really so obvious.

If not, how did Chu Xiang manage to see through his motives so quickly Even after waiting a long time until Director Chu went on a business trip so that Chu Xiang would not have to go home for dinner every day, Xiao Han nevertheless found it rather difficult to find the time to invite Chu Xiang over for some red wine.

Thoroughly analyzing his blue shirt, Xian Han took out his phone and called his personal assistant.

“Can you go and buy me a black shirt Make sure to also get a necktie that matches it well.”

His assistant repeated the order and asked, “President Xiao, you only want a shirt and a necktie What about a suit to go along with it”

Xiao Han noticed that Chu Xiang enjoyed seeing him dressed in a shirt with a necktie every time.

However, since he would always be picking her up in a public place, he would naturally have to dress in much more formal attire.

He thought for a while.

“Add a silver-gray suit, a suitable watch, a pair of cuffs, and a pair of leather shoes.

Send it over to my office after you make the purchase.”


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