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After Chu Xiang hung up the call, she noticed that Xiao Han had completely softened.

He hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear, “If you leave me behind again today, I’ll never drink red wine again in my life.”

“Then what are you still waiting for” Chu Xiang held Xiao Han’s neck, then softly nibbled his Adam’s apple.

Xiao Han gulped.

He opened the door as fast as he could, then entered the bedroom carrying Chu Xiang.

He felt jumbled, a little scattered, but kept in mind that he had to treat Chu Xiang gently despite his excitement.

While he did end up tearing her dress, it didn’t seem like she minded at all.

Chu Xiang finally unbuttoned Xiao Han’s shirt by herself and saw the wonderful view underneath it, as if she was unwrapping the best gift ever.

The long wait had seemingly made her passion cool down, but it made her enjoy the most delicious banquet now.

Traces of them were strewn all over the bedroom because Xiao Han walked her through the entirety of it to familiarize her.

The bottle of red wine kept in the cabinet above his bed was knocked over, contents spilled over their bodies.

Finally, they could savor the taste of it, one more subtly alluring than the most expensive of its kind in the world.

At 3 AM in the dawn, Xiao Han eventually understood why Chu Xiang said that her friends should be worried about him.

It was because he felt that he had been completely eaten and wiped clean again and again.

Although he would gladly endure hardships, he kept feeling that something was fishy

(T/N: “Gladly endure hardships” could also be translated as “enjoy something bitter as if it were malt sugar”, “be quite content even in adversity”… Maybe it’s to say that XH won’t mind being “dominated”, I think Please correct me if that’s not the case, though!)


Xiao Han, still awake despite there only being a few hours left until dawn, now understood why Chu Xiang said that her friends should be worried about him.

He felt like he’d been devoured repeatedly down to the bone.

Although he would gladly acquire the taste for that, he kept feeling… suspicious, somehow…

At 10 AM, Chu Xiang told Xiao Han that she wanted to take a bath and sleep again afterwards to preserve and nurture her spirit.

They ended up having a deeper understanding of the bathtub’s structure.

Then, they lay on the comfortable king-sized bed in the guest room, getting ready to sleep again.

Chu Xiang rested her head on Xiao Han’s shoulder, put her arms around his waist, then burrowed into his chest.

This felt a lot more comfortable than sleeping alone, and she fell into a deep slumber in no time.

Xiao Han wanted to talk more with her, but he was the only one left awake.

He kissed her forehead as his heart practically whispered endearments.

Xiao Han closed his eyes and went over the bidding document’s contents in his head again.

Only after he had ensured that the first project that Chu Xiang was in charge of would have no problem did he fall asleep.

At this time, someone came to disturb them.

They had indeed spent an enthusiastic night together for the first time, yet they didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and felt full of vitality instead, brimming with energy.

The feeling of waking up in each other’s embrace was truly wonderful.

This might be what it meant to be passionately in love; smiling unconsciously and feeling warm all over like being caught in cotton candy.

Chu Xiang suppressed the restless Xiao Han and got up from bed barefoot.

She smiled at him.

“We’re going to enter a bid.

If we manage to seal the bid, we’ll celebrate it together in the evening.”

(T/N: The CN for the “restless” part is something like… ready to make trouble So I think it’s to say that XH wants to “do” it but CX tell () him to hold back for now since she’s about to enter a bid Something like that)

After Chu Xiang went inside the bathroom, Xiao Han also went to the master’s bathroom and took care of… his situation.

When he saw the torn dress on the carpet, he picked it up and noted the size in a glance.

Afterwards, he called his assistant and told him to buy a professional woman’s suit right away and also buy a suit that matched that one.

Xiao Han looked at the wrinkled shirt on the floor that was now unfit to wear.

He felt very satisfied with his assistant’s sense of fashion and decided to give him a bonus at the end of the year.

He brought one of his white shirts for Chu Xiang to change into.

As a result, he could only focus on her long legs as she roamed around the room.

He immediately regretted his choice and wrapped her with a bathrobe.

Otherwise, they would be late for the bidding.

Xiao Han cooked breakfast for two.

He had studied abroad and consequently learned how to make simple Chinese food because of that, so the meal tasted pretty good.

Chu Xiang sat across Xiao Han enjoying the breakfast leisurely and feeling extremely delighted.


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