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Seeing her this happy, Xiao Han drank the milk then suggested something rather surprising.

“Nowadays, a lot of people want to move out to live on their own, since it’d be more convenient to go to and get off work.

It’d also be more convenient to attend social niceties.

Xiang Xiang, have you ever thought of moving”

Chu Xiang smiled and gazed at Xiao Han.

“To where”

Xiao Han coughed quietly., “Zi Yu Garden is a good place.

It isn’t far from Dongfang Group and it has a nice environment.

How about we check it out”

“Zi Yu Garden…” Chu Xiang thought for a while before she smiled and said, “The place sandwiched between Dongfang Group and Xiao Group It’s a good place, indeed—it’d be very convenient for you to go to work from there.

I won’t move, however, since I want to keep my parents’ company.”

Xiao Han lowered his gaze and fiddled with the tableware.

He tried again.

“Director Chu and Director Fang have such a deep affection for each other, they should be able to enjoy their life as a couple uninterrupted.”

Chu Xiang nodded, then picked up the napkin to wipe the corner of her mouth.

“True, they do need that.

That’s why I will definitely work harder and take over Dongfang Group as soon as possible.

That way, they’ll be able to retire and travel around the world.

When the time comes, they’ll be able to enjoy their married life to their heart’s content.

They’ll probably even dream of having another child.

I want to enjoy the warmth of a family before they do that.”

“Then I hope you’ll be able to take over Dongfang Group soon.” Xiao Han grabbed his glass of milk and made a toast as it clinked with Chu Xiang’s glass, then smiled slightly.

He accepted her point.

The earlier he turned his girlfriend into the empress of the business world, the sooner Director Chu and Director Fang would leave, too.

Only after he had succeeded in doing that would he be able to successfully ‘invade’ his girlfriend’s private space.

Xiao Han decided to adjust Xiao Group’s strategies for the next three years.

They would thoroughly cooperate with Dongfang Group and garner remarkable success, all for Chu Xiang.

After finishing their meal, the clothes that Xiao Han’s assistant was told to buy had arrived.

Xiao Han’s driver drove the Maybach to take them to the bidding and meet their subordinates there.

There weren’t that many people in the bidding, only six people with them included.

When they arrived at the place, Ye Chen and Ye Zhenhong had also just arrived.

Ye Chen followed Ye Zhenhong’s side.

His expression turned gloomy at once when he saw the Maybach.

He can’t help but wonder where Chu Xiang and Xiao Han had gone after they got into the car and what they did that day.

After that, he saw Xiao Han get out of the car, go around the other side of the car, and open the door.

Who even allowed Xiao Han to do this

Suddenly, Ye Chen’s heart sank in premonition.

Sure enough, the next thing he saw was Chu Xiang taking Xiao Han’s hand and got out of the car as she looked at Xiao Han with a smile.

The intimacy and mutual understanding that enveloped them hurt Ye Chen.

It was obvious that something had definitely happened between the two of them.

In the past, Chu Xiang belonged to him alone.

But now, Chu Xiang stood beside Xiao Han right before his eyes.

Ye Zhenhong’s expression turned sullen.

He faked a smile.

“President Xiao and Miss Chu seem to care a lot about this bidding, enough for you to actually show up in person.”

“Doesn’t the same go for Director Ye” Xiao Han was still reticent with outsiders.

He simply greeted them with a nod and went inside the hall with Chu Xiang first.

Ye Zhenhong only came because Xiao Group and Dongfang Group were ‘joining hands’ to snatch the bid from him; he certainly had to take this bid seriously.

The Ye Family had made a lot of preparations, not being aware that Xiao Group and Dongfang Group were conceiving a scheme behind their back.

Ye Zhenhong thought that they wouldn’t likely lose.

He stared at Ye Chen and snorted coldly.

“Everything’s your fault.

You had the guts to say that it’s alright if Chu Xiang snatched away the bid because we’re all family in the end.

What about now She’ll soon become a part of the Xiao Family already! You’re unable to accomplish anything but rather liable to spoil everything!”

Ye Zhenhong took large strides as he walked into the hall, followed by the expressionless Ye Chen.

They caught sight of the organizer exchanging greetings with Chu Xiang.

That person had already regarded her as Dongfang Group’s representative and a mature bidder.

He clenched his hands into fists as he well and truly realized that the Chu Family and the Ye Family’s relations had truly been broken off.

He could only blame himself for being so naïve that he treated this matter as a mere spat between children and constantly pestered Chu Xiang because of it.

He had completely forgotten that they had long grown up and that his actions would have an impact on his family business.

By this time, Ye Chen could only hope that he could become strong enough to surpass Xiao Han and stand by Chu Xiang’s side to be on an equal level with her.


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