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Ye Chen knew he was in the wrong, so he couldn’t say anything more.

The accident today felt like a hammer that hit him hard.

He never thought that breaking up with Chu Xiang would cause so much trouble and all these consequent disasters.

He never expected that chasing after Chu Xiang would make her target the Ye Group.

Ye Chen realized that Chu Xiang wasn’t like the young girl in his memory anymore.

He hadn’t moved on and did everything according to Chu Xiang’s temperament, but he had only realized now that the Chu Xiang he knew of was long gone.

Chu Xiang had walked far away, yet Ye Chen was the only one who stayed in the same place and couldn’t perceive reality.

When they arrived home, Ye Zhenhong called Sun Jie to the study to discuss something for a while.

After they were done, Sun Jie told Ye Chen that she was going to arrange an interview to evaluate a proposed marriage partner.

The partner would be a girl from the Zhang Family—whose family was quite similar to the Ye Family.

The alliance formed by their marriage would achieve the effect of gestalt, letting the two families be able to improve their reputations together.

Ye Chen was completely opposed because a marriage of convenience was something that he disliked the most.

Miss Zhang was bossy and ugly; why should Ye Chen marry her

But this time, even Sun Jie refused to help him.

For her, there wasn’t much difference between getting married and finding someone a person liked.

How could she let her son’s temperament affect the family’s company She immediately ordered Ye Chen to stay at home and wait until she had arranged the appointment with the Zhang Family to let the two meet.

The whole Ye Family and Ye Group were like being shrouded in the shadows.

They had officially abandoned the idea to reconcile with the Chu Family.

They had regarded the Chu Family as their biggest threat and were anxiously trying to find allies to be able to pull through.

They won’t hesitate even if they had to sell out Ye Chen’s marriage for their personal gains.

On the contrary, Xiao Group and Dongfang’s employees who participated in the project were cheering even more joyously than when they celebrated the new year.

Chu Xiang’s first project was off to a good start.

She immediately called everyone to a bar to celebrate together.

Xiao Han, who sat in the middle of the crowd, watched everyone as they were playing the finger guessing game, singing, and dancing their hearts out.

He couldn’t help but lean closer to Chu Xiang’s ear.“In the morning, you said that we’d celebrate together if we win the bid.

I thought it would be just the two of us.”

(T/N: Finger guessing is a game that Chinese people like to play at drinking parties.

As the name suggests, players had to guess the number of the participants’ fingers who would keep their finger out ().

If they guessed right, they’d be safe; otherwise, they had to drink.

The Chinese variant is for two players, whereas the worldwide ones usually have more than two players.)

Chu Xiang took a sip from her glass then brought her lips close to Xiao Han’s ear.

“The more the merrier.

Isn’t it fun Shall we dance”

Xiao Han seldom went to bars because he usually discussed things in a private room.

Let alone dancing, he had never sat in such an open hall.

But before Xiao Han could decline Chu Xiang’s request, she had taken his glass.

When others saw that scene, they immediately began to cheer.

“President Xiao is going to dance! We want to see Miss Chu and President Xiao dance! Ohhh, are you ready to rock, everyone!”

Chu Xiang took Xiao Han’s arm and they walked onto the dance floor.She smiled as she led Xiao Han to dance with her.

Her posture as she danced was stirring Xiao Han so much that he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

He had long forgotten that there were other people around them; he simply followed Chu Xiang’s movements.

All of Xiao Group’s employees were struck dumb.

“President Xiao is not possessed, isn’t he Is that really President Xiao I’m seeing”

“Woah, seems like I’ve just witnessed a top secret.

President Xiao and Miss Chu are a thing No wonder we’re always called for meetings.

Do you guys remember that they were the ones to leave first at that conference!”

“Look at the way President Xiao looks at Miss Chu, something just feels different about it, you know.

Hey, Wang Tezhu, you’re always with President Xiao everyday, aren’t you Got anything to say about this”

Wang Tezhu pushed his glasses.

“The boss’ business isn’t something for me to blabber about,” he said while smiling.

“Oh no, President Xiao and Miss Chu are both workaholics.

Aren’t we going to be miserable if they’re really together!”

Everyone began to collectively realize that they were supposed to grieve and not celebrate.

They felt that the time when they will have to work unlimited overtime wasn’t far off as they watched Xiao Han passionately dance with Chu Xiang on the floor.

The DJ changed the song to an exciting one that Xiao Han wasn’t used to, thus he stepped out of the dance floor and only watched Chu Xiang.

She really enjoyed the feeling of dancing freely on the dance floor; the kind of deafening and unrestrained feeling.

It felt like evil spirits of all kinds dancing in riotous revelry; the kind of frenzy she knew very well about.


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