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All this time, she had been learning the rules of the modern world and keeping all the chaos inside her in the bottom of her heart, unable to let them out.

Today’s successful bidding had made Chu Xiang experience the pleasure she hadn’t felt for a long time.

Her victory had made her realize that she could still take control of the business world.

And so, she could pour out her joy by rejoicing excitedly on the dance floor as much as she liked.

People around Chu Xiang gradually stepped out of the dance floor and surrounded her instead as they whistled and yelled, once again leaving her the center of attention.

Even Xiao Group and Dongfang’s employees came to surround her as they cheered on Chu Xiang loudly!

At the end of the song, Chu Xiang pulled Xiao Han’s seat over.

Their intimate behavior was the solid proof that they were together!

Everyone was looking at them excitedly before Chu Xiang grabbed the champagne and called everyone’s attention over the blaring music.

“I’m feeling good today.

The success of the first step of the project is thanks to everyone’s concerted efforts.

Anyone who took part in the project is going to get a double bonus!”

“Oh—Long live the queen!!!”

All the employees were delighted and shouted out the nickname they secretly gave to Chu Xiang.

The bonus was a lot more than their salary for one year.

The overtime all this time was worth it, heck, they wouldn’t mind working overtime for one more year if that meant they could earn this much!!

The music changed again, prompting everyone to enjoy the great time.

Chu Xiang told Xiao Han, “I’ll go to the restroom so that we can leave in a moment.

We’ll get to celebrate properly by then, with only the two of us.”

Xiao Han finally found some of his enthusiasm.

He faintly expressed that he agreed.

Chu Xiang went into the restroom, feeling extremely carefree after dancing her heart out.

Her silk dress was slightly disheveled from all the exertion.

She faced the mirror, tidied her dress and intended to leave.

A drunk man saw her and grinned, “Aren’t you the hot chick who was dancing earlier What about having more fun with this brother”

The man staggered towards Chu Xiang, about to embrace her.

Just when Chu Xiang was about to hit him, the man had been knocked to the wall, letting out a horrible shriek like a pig getting slaughtered!

Xiao Han had also grabbed the man’s arms and trampled his foot.

His arms had been dislocated too.

Xiao Han looked at Chu Xiang.

“Are you alright”

Chu Xiang shook her head.

“I’m fine.

How did you get through the crowd, though”

“I want to pick you up and promptly leave.” Xiao Han had called Wang Tezhu and let him handle the rest.

When the man cursed at Xiao Han, he trampled on his foot once again and finally took Chu Xiang’s hand as they left the bar.

Chu Xiang smiled and teased Xiao Han, “President Xiao is so cool.

I could tell from a glance that your posture from before is a result of training.”

Xiao Han said, his words implying something, “Then, do you want to learn self-defense from me You’re always surrounded by provocative men, you should learn more about how to be safe.”

Chu Xiang winked at Xiao Han, smiling.

“Sure, President Xiao could teach me some more moves.

I’m an apt student, so I might be able to draw inferences from one instance and even teach President Xiao a few moves.”

(T/N: An inference is an idea or conclusion that’s drawn from evidence and reasoning.

So I think it’s to say that CX is able to learn () a lot more things just by learning something (Though, in this case I think CX is hinting something…naughty)  At least that’s what I understand… Feel free to tell me otherwise, though!)

Xiao Han felt a heat burning up in his body.

He pulled Chu Xiang into the car, then raised the partition.

The two were being affectionate with each other on the back seat.

Occasionally, Xiao Han could be heard asking in a low and husky voice, “Have you learned anything” and Chu Xiang answered, unwilling to be outdone, “Teach me again”.

This time, the driver made a detour around the city and kept doing so as long as Xiao Han hadn’t instructed him to stop.

Chu Xiang properly learned some self-defense skills and taught some to Xiao Han in return.

Both of them got to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the city as they saw the neon lights filling the whole city outside the car window, until they arrived at Xiao Han’s house that overlooked the city’s scenery.

Fang Qing gave Chu Xiang a call, but couldn’t get through to her.

She couldn’t help but call Chu Dongqi’s overseas number upon realizing this was the second time her daughter didn’t come home.

She asked worriedly, “Do you think Xiang Xiang is truly keeping a handsome young man”


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