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Bai Ling wanted to call a taxi, but she was used to having the Chu Family’s driver her around all these years.

As a result, she didn’t know how to call for a car to come to pick her up with her phone.

She fiddled with the phone for a while, yet she still failed to do so.

Bai Ling kept calling Bai Xuewei because she didn’t know what else to do.

All the panic and fear burst when Bai Xuewei finally answered her mother’s call.

“Xuewei! Xuewei, I was kicked out from the Chu Family, please come pick me up.

I don’t have the pride to face others ever again——” Bai Ling burst into tears while she spoke with her daughter.

Bai Xuewei worriedly asked, “Mom, don’t cry, okay Explain everything slowly to me.

What happened Where are you right now”

Ba Ling turned around and looked at the Chu Family villa.

Then, she wiped away her tears, walked under the shade of a tree, and sobbed, “When the young lady was discharged from the hospital today, she came home with the mister and the madam.

As soon as the young lady entered the villa, she told me that I will be Ye Chen’s mother-in-law soon, so I shouldn’t stay at the Chu Family villa anymore.

Madam also accused me of being ungrateful and teaching you to bully the young lady.

T-they gave me 30 minutes to pack my bags and then drove me out of the villa.

The servants even scolded me for being shameless.

I’m standing in front of the villa right now and I also have around eight boxes of belongings with me.

I don’t know how to call a taxi.

Xuewei, please come pick me up.

I don’t have the face to stay here anymore!”

“Mom don’t worry.

It’s all my fault that I wasn’t thorough, and as a result, you got scolded.

Find a place to sit down and rest first.

Please wait for me, I’ll pick you up immediately.” Bai Xuewei paused for a second before she added, “I will ask Ye Chen to pick you up with me.

I won’t let you leave that place in such an embarrassing way.”


Please hurry up.” Bai Ling was calmer after hearing her daughter’s reassuring words.

She dragged the boxes under the shade of the tree and sat there, waiting for her daughter and Ye Chen to pick her up.

But she was still ashamed of her miserable state.

She feared that servants in the villa would look at her and gossip behind her back, so she deliberately hid behind the tree.

Bai Xuewei was currently in Ye Chen’s small apartment building.

After she answered the phone in the room, she turned around with red-rimmed eyes and asked, “Ye Chen, can you drive me to the Chu Family villa to pick up my mom When Xiang Xiang came home from the hospital today, she drove my mother out of the villa because she hated me for stealing you away from her.

It’s all my fault.

I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you.

It’s all because of me that my mom was kicked out of the villa and humiliated at such an age.

Would you drive me there to pick her up I feel like I’ve been unfilial towards her…”

Ye Chen exploded in anger as soon as he heard that, “Chu Xiang kicked Auntie Bai out of the villa No wonder she didn’t come running to pester me these past two days, so she was planning to kick Auntie Bai out from the villa.

She is such an annoying troublemaker.

What does this have to do with Auntie Bai Let’s go, I will drive you there, so don’t worry.

I will also explain everything clearly to Chu Xiang.

I’m the one who insisted on making you stay with me because I like you.

Chu Xiang has no right to treat you and your mother like this.”

Bai Xuewei lowered her head and held his hand.

She whispered softly, “This is all my fault.

I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you, but I can’t control my feelings.

I’m the one who betrayed Xiang Xiang’s trust, so I deserve being treated like this.

Ye Chen, when we see Xiang Xiang later, please don’t argue with her.

We’re the ones who should be apologetic.

If you argue with her again in front of everyone, I will no longer have the integrity to face other people anymore.”

Ye Che held her hand firmly.

He believed that Bai Xuewei was ten thousand times more understanding and reasonable than Chu Xiang.

He comforted her and said, “Okay, I will listen to you.

Let’s get in the car.”

When Bai Xuewei got in the car, Ye Chen immediately called Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang had just turned on the game console.

She was curiously playing with the game when her phone rang.

She picked up the call without looking at the caller ID and asked, “Hello Who is it”

Ye Chen suppressed his anger and reprimanded her, “Chu Xiang, are you sick What does our relationship have anything to do with Auntie Bai Why are you bullying her At the very least, Auntie Bai has been taking care of you for over ten years and yet, this is how you repay her How could you humiliate her like this Why are you so cold-blooded and ruthless”

Chu Xiang glanced at her phone screen.

The phone screen stated Future Husband as the caller ID.

She frowned in disgust at the name and said in a displeased tone, “Ye Chen, are you courting death”

Ye Chen was taken aback by her ice-cold tone.

He became annoyed as he said, “Did you turn insane after your alcohol poisoning What kind of crazy nonsense are you spouting”

“Get lost, you scum.” Chu Xiang hung up the phone call after saying that.

Then, she blocked all of Ye Chen’s contact information on her phone.

She even deleted all of their chat history and Ye Chen’s photos from her phone.

Now that her phone was clean. Chu Xiang picked up the gaming console again and immersed herself in the game world.

She completely forgot about the scumbag after she deleted him from her contact.

Right now, she wanted to play this game because she had never touched or played with a gaming console before.

The gaming console had her complete and utter attention.

Other irrelevant people cannot drag her attention away from it.


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