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On the second day of work, Fang Qing went out of her way to check out Chu Xiang’s office.

She looked like she was glowing, like a fresh, alluring rose.

All she could think about was the conversation with her daughter about kept men.

Images of young men with elegant and delicate features flashed in her mind, but she kept feeling that something was off.

However, seeing how Chu Xiang seemed really happy, at least, a lot happier than when she had been with Ye Chen, she hesitated.

In the end, she never asked about it.

After all, it was her daughter’s personal matters, and she was old enough to have her own personal space.

Fang Qing could only grumble at Chu Dongqi without her knowing, saying that that boy was pretty good at making Chu Xiang happy.

The only thing they were unsure of was his personality, so they really wanted to meet him.

Chu Xiang had managed to snipe a project on her own, so her prestige in the company grew a lot.

In the two days after she signed the contract, the government announced a new policy, and the project immediately became an extremely important project that the nation and foreign businessmen would invest in.

The profits had tripled at the very least!

As soon as this news was released, everyone in the East Company looked at Chu Xiang in a new light!

When Fang Qing had appointed Chu Xiang as the person in charge of the project, everyone had thought that it was to help Chu Xiang to get some experience and practice.

But looking back at how earnest and focused Chu Xiang was when preparing for the project, they couldn’t help but think that Chu Xiang had been aiming for certain success from the very beginning, and she really had succeeded in the end.

It was unbelievable that a young lady who had only entered the company for a few months had already achieved such amazing success.

She must be a genius!

Chu Xiang’s project’s staff had already been interrogated about matters concerning her.

They were naturally all elite workers, as they had been hand-picked.

When they were questioned, they all said that Chu Xiang was a genius.

In the beginning, when they had just started to prepare for the project, Chu Xiang would often ask them questions about things she didn’t understand.

By the time the bidding for the project was over, there wasn’t much left that they could teach Chu Xiang anymore.

Chu Xiang’s learning ability was uncanny, the level of her learning ability just wasn’t normal.

When Chu Dongqi came back from his trip abroad, he and the upper-level staff all went to the club to celebrate Chu Xiang’s success and even invited Xiao Han as their special guest for being an excellent business partner.

Chu Dongqi raised his wine glass and nodded at Xiao Han, smiling.

“We got this project thanks to Mr.

Xiao’s help, he taught Chu Xiang a lot of new things.

If we didn’t have Mr.

Xiao’s generous support, Chu Xiang wouldn’t have been able to achieve such a great accomplishment.

I offer Mr.

Xiao Han a drink, and I hope we can continue to work together closely in the future.”

Xiao Han immediately got up, leaning over slightly to clink his wine glass against Chu Dongqi’s.

“Director Chu is too courteous, it was due to Chu Xian’s natural talent and outstanding ability that we were able to seize this project.

I believe that even without my help, Chu Xiang would have still succeeded.

She is the best person I have ever met.”

Xiao Han was acting a bit peculiar.

He and Chu Dongqi were both the heads of their own companies, and it was only a toast, so why did Xiao Han stand up His modest attitude was like that of a subordinate… Did he really respect Chu Dongqi that much Moreover, his effusive praise of Chu Xiang made it seem like he genuinely admired her.

This event was organized for her in the first place, and Chu Dongqi was pleased that Xiao Han had complimented his daughter.

He drained his glass immediately after the toast.

The two big shots had already complimented Chu Xiang, so the rest of the guests followed suit.

The venue grew noisy as everyone scrambled to find some aspect to praise.

Meanwhile, the woman of the hour herself chatted and laughed with the others, neither servile nor overbearing.

She occasionally made eye contact with Xiao Han, exchanging looks that only the two of them could understand.


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