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After Chu Dongqi finished a few glasses, he leaned back in his seat.

 “I’m old now.

Today, seeing that my daughter achieved such great success, I’m really happy.

In the future, Fang Qing and I will be handing all of our projects to Chu Xiang.

Everyone present are all her uncles, you all must help me guide her and teach her, okay I also want her to take over as soon as possible, so I can leisurely enjoy life in retirement.”

“Director Chu is still young, why are you already considering retirement”

“Exactly, both you and Director Fang are our beacons of light, we still want to do our best with you.”

“Working hard is for young people, but of course, we still have to wait until Chu Xiang has enough ability before we hand things to her.” Chu Dongqi chuckled while waving his hand in denial.

“We should give young people more chances to improve and grow.

Chu Xiang performed really well this time, so I’ve decided to appoint her as the manager of our projects, what does everyone think”

In the beginning, Chu Xiang was only Fang Qing’s secretary, and even though she was in charge of the project, it wasn’t enough to convince the masses, so they never gave her a suitable job position.

 The staff in the project group found it uncomfortable to call her Secretary Chu, so they all called her Miss Chu.

Now, seeing that she had a big success under her belt, Chu Dongqi was able to put make the suggestion.

Of course, nobody objected.

Chu Xiang had already proven her capability, so the position was perfect for her.

She could both plan out all of the company’s projects, as well as expand connections, bringing in a bigger profit for the company.

They already trusted Chu Xiang and believed that she would definitely excel in this position.

Xiao Han took the lead and raised his glass to salute Chu Xiang, “Manager Chu’s future is full of unlimited possibilities, I hope we can continue to work together in the future.”

Chu Xiang smiled faintly, and when she bumped her glass against his, she gently nudged his fingertips, “I still have much to learn from Mr.

Xiao, I hope Mr.

Xiao will continue to enlighten me in the future.”

The others raised their glasses one after the other and drank them together.

From the beginning to the very end, Xiao Han never lost his smile.

Chu Xiang had risen to the position of a project manager, so he was the happiest of them all.

When Chu Xiang was finally able to take over the East Company, he would finally be able to sleep in peace.

Secretary Liang had specially reserved accommodations at the club.

After everyone had gotten somewhat drunk, they kept playing for a while, and only returned to their own respective rooms after one in the morning.

When nobody was looking, Xiao Han snuck into Chu Xiang’s room.

Chu Xiang pressed him against the door, leaning into his embrace, asking, “Xiao Han, did you come to teach me the art of self-defense again”

Xiao Han slowly undid his necktie, leaning close to her and saying, “Why don’t we investigate the art of binding today”

Chu Xiang tugged off his necktie and wound it around her fingers.

She licked his Adam’s apple, a low laugh in her throat.

 “Since Mr.

Xiao’s so eager to learn, I’ll definitely teach you well.”

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Knock knock knock⸺

“Xiang Xiang, drink some tea to dissipate the effects of the wine before you sleep.”

Xiao Han’s movements stiffened.

Chu Xiang blinked.

 “Do you want to meet my mother” she whispered.

He glanced down at himself.

His shirt was already wrinkled and he looked improperly dressed, so how could he go meet his future mother-in-law Moreover, he should be the one to pay Chu Xiang’s mother a visit if they were to officially meet, not in a weird way like they were about to at the moment.

He shook his head, pointed to the bathroom, and hid inside.

Chu Xiang tidied her hair and opened the door, smiling.

“Mother, I’m not drunk.

You can go bring the tea to Father instead.”

Fang Qing handed the tea to Chu Xiang, urging her again, “Just drink a little, otherwise you’ll get a headache in the morning…”

She hadn’t even finished speaking when she noticed that Chu Xiang’s lipstick was a bit smudged.

It looked just like… like she had been violently kissed.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

“Xiang Xiang, you even brought your pretty boy here”

Chu Xiang was dumbfounded.

“What pretty boy are you talking about”

Xiao Han, who was in the bathroom, immediately sobered up, leaning on the wall to eavesdrop on their conversation.


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