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Fang Qing realized her slip and gently slapped her own mouth.

“No, didn’t you say earlier that you wanted to fall in love And you s-said that you liked pretty boys, a-and recently you’ve seemed a lot happier.

Not to mention that you’ve always been busy with work instead of going on dates, so I was wondering if you really are in some kind of relationship”

She pointed at the inside of the room furtively.

 “Is he in there There are so many uncles at the company today, how could you bring someone here”

Chu Xiang hadn’t thought that she would be able to brainwash her mother so easily and had long forgotten about saying anything about a pretty boy.

She glanced at the silent bathroom and held back her laughter.

“Yep, I am together with a pretty boy.

He’s super handsome, enchanting, and really charming.”

“O-oh, o-okay, I-I’ll be going then.” Fang Qing felt a little lost.

Her daughter was so blunt, so on the contrary, she didn’t know what to say.

She thought for a bit, then hastily added, “Then… be careful.”

“I know, Mother.

Goodnight.” Chu Xiang smiled as she watched Fang Qing leave.

She had only just shut the door when Xiao Han hugged her from behind.

“Pretty boy Hm” Xiao Han bit her ear as a punishment.

Chu Xiang held the tea in her mouth and spun around to let him drink from her lips.

 “What Are you jealous” she murmured.

Xiao Han narrowed his eyes and asked in a dangerous voice, “Who’s that pretty boy Are you seeing someone else”

Chu Xiang touched his handsome face, laughed softly.

“Your face is so pretty, you really are the pretty boy in my heart.

I’m so captivated.”

When Xiao Han heard the phrase, “in my heart”, he felt happier, and picked her up by the waist and walked into the bedroom.

“We still haven’t finished investigating the art of binding.

Secretary Chu seems to have some experience with binding, can you teach me”

“Okay, I’ll make sure that no matter how hard you struggle, you won’t be able to break free~”

“Then make sure you don’t ravage me too much, I still have to meet the board members tomorrow morning…”


Xiao, you’ve learned how to crack jokes But… I like spice, so if you can’t handle it… Well, then I guess I could just pay a visit to that pretty boy.”

“Don’t you dare!”

Xiao Han kicked open the bedroom door and pressed Chu Xiang down on the bed, the room ringing with the couple’s laughter.

On the other hand, Fang Qing and Chu Dongqi were right next door, still fretting over their daughter’s man.

First thing in the morning, Fang Qing and Chu Dongqi took turns finding excuses to leave and re-enter their room, wanting to see who would exit from the room next door.

At around seven in the morning, the server brought over two sets of clothes.

Fang Qing casually glanced over a few times, pretending not to care.

She then unlatched the door and whispered to Chu Dongqi, “The suit seems even more expensive than your own.

It seems like Xiang Xiang really likes him.”

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Chu Dongqi felt uncertainty creeping into his heart.

 “What sort of little white face would wear this type of suit Are you sure you saw it right”

“You’re right, but Xiang Xiang said so herself that the pretty boy was here, and is enchanting and handsome, and extremely charming.

Isn’t that the so-called modern… Little milk dog”

“W-What dog”

Right at this moment, Chu Xiang’s room’s door opened, and Xiao Han walked out while chatting with Chu Xiang.

Fang Qing and Chu Dongqi hurriedly rushed to the door, planning on secretly sneaking a glance, but as soon as they saw the couple, they were dumbfounded.

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Xiao” Chu Dongqi pulled open the door in shock and bumped directly into Xiao Han.

Xiao Han froze for a minute, and quickly came to his senses, greeting them calmly.

“Good morning, Mister and Madam.”

Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing made eye contact, both not quite understanding this sudden plot twist.

How did that kept pretty boy turn into Xiao Han They glanced at Chu Xiang.

She was holding onto Xiao Han’s arm.

“Since we’ve already run into each other, how about we eat breakfast together”

Chu Dongqi made an “ah” sound, and said, “We’ll go change clothes.” He closed the door and turned to Fang Qing, “This is the pretty boy you were talking about”

Fang Qing stared blankly and said, “He might be… A little wolf dog”


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