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Although Ye Chen wanted to inherit his father’s company, he simply could not keep up with the trade war that was taking place.

At this point, the Ye Family had already been torn apart as the fight between Sun Jie and Ye Zhenhong’s mistress had caused much trouble.

Having received solid evidence from Chu Xiang about Sun Jie’s threats to Bai Ling, Ye Zhenhong’s mistress acted ruthlessly as she immediately bribed several media outlets to report Sun Jie’s misdeeds.

As soon as news of Sun Jie’s illegal activities was seen by everyone — although it did not cause a massive uproar — it nevertheless caused the shares of the Ye family to drop further.

Ye Zhenhong fumed, but he could only watch as everything he built up collapsed in front of him.

Feeling the pressure from every single direction, he no longer had the energy to fight back and deal with the problems at hand.

In less than a year, the Ye Group had already been sniped down by Chu Xiang and Xiao Han.

Having the majority of the Ye Group’s stocks in her possession, Chu Xiang had successfully acquired the entirety of the group as it was now under the control of the Dongfang Corporation.

At last, the Ye Group was no more.

Upon winning the trade war, Chu Xiang had officially received the title of the “Cold-Blooded Demon Queen” ‘in the business world.

After further analysis of the collapse of the Ye Group, some people had discovered traces of someone pulling the strings behind the scenes, ultimately guessing that Chu Xiang was involved in many of the incidents.

While some lamented her fierce methods, they could not help but include them as examples in the textbooks regarding business for their children to take notes and learn from them.

Chu Xiang’s growth as a businesswoman within the span of a year was astonishing.

The people who interacted with her could feel the domineering presence beneath her appearance — as if she was in absolute control of everything and had planned her strategies in advance.

Since she always wore a bright smile on her face, no one could tell what she was actually thinking.

Even the cunning old foxes of the business industry did not dare belittle her, constantly afraid that they would be axed in the next second.

At this moment, Chu Xiang would constantly be compared to Xiao Han as the two geniuses of the business world as she became a frequent appearance in the cover of magazines.

Falling into bankruptcy, the Ye Family had absolutely nothing left in their possession.

While Sun Jie and Ye Zhenhong signed a divorce, Ye Zhenhong’s mistress had long since run away with her son and the money.

As for Ye Chen, his child never saw the light of the day.

Only after getting a divorce with Bai Xuewei did she tell him that she had deliberately caused her own miscarriage — her reason being that she was not willing to give birth to the child of a family that had already collapsed.

After she showed her true face, Ye Chen finally understood why Bai Xuewei had been gifting jewelry and even obediently giving money to Bai Ling.

She had been saving money for this opportunity the entire time.

He could not believe that things turned out this way.

Even though he had already resolved to be a responsible husband and father, Bai Xuewei went so far as to ruin everything and destroy his determination.

Upon questioning Bai Xuewei’s actions, Ye Chen saw her true face for the first time as she sneered, “Did you really think I liked you Not only are you arrogant and unreasonable, but you don’t even know what you want to do in life.

If it weren’t for your impulsiveness, I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of your weaknesses to get married to you.

Take a good look at yourself.

What can you even do now Since you’re even worse off than me now, even if I was willing to get married to a poor person, why would I marry someone like you”

Ye Chen had no choice but to accept this result.

“For all these years, you’ve just been putting up with this act You chased after me all because of my money”

“Why else would I chase after you Do you think I would be stupid enough like Chu Xiang to fall in love with someone like you Oh, she’s no longer that stupid woman, for she has even caused the Ye Family to go bankrupt!” Bai Xuewei grit her teeth in rage upon mentioning Chu Xiang.

She then glared at Ye Chen and continued, “You better agree to the divorce.

Even if you disagree, the both of us living apart is not much different from a divorce.

Seeing how I have deceived you for all these years, you better not bother me anymore.”

Upon hearing those words, Ye Chen could not help but recall the time he protected Bai Xuewei by telling Chu Xiang not to bother her any longer.

Following that, he also remembered how he told Bai Xuewei to not bother Chu Xiang when he was chasing after her all over again.

Only having stood in their position today did he truly understand how painful it felt for them to hear those harsh words.

He thought back to how the firm relationship between his parents collapsed as they turned into each other’s enemies.

How Chu Xiang — the woman who loved him dearly for more than a decade — caused his family’s company to go bankrupt as her revenge.

How the Bai Xuewei that he thought was infatuated with him only sought after his wealth.

How he had everything in his own two hands, yet he threw it away and achieved nothing in life.


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