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Ye Chen’s entire world has collapsed right in front of him.

It was as if he had been living in a dream.

After getting a divorce with Bai Xuewei, he had arrived at rock bottom, unable to get back on his feet.

As he was lingering in his dream at midnight, he regretted his decisions countless times.

If he had not ended up  in an affair with Bai Xuewei, instead concentrating all his love on Chu Xiang alone, would his life not have been filled with utmost happiness and joy The ideal life he once sought after was ultimately ruined by his own two hands.

The moment he left Chu Xiang, his life had already turned into one big joke.

After getting a divorce with Ye Chen, Bai Xuewei initially wanted to marry a rich second generation man within her circle.

However, not only was she a woman with mediocre looks, but everyone else knew that Chu Xiang despised her.

Furthermore, which idiot had the guts to provoke Chu Xiang After all, provoking her would mean the end of their life.

Thus, Bai Xuewei had no choice but to leave the city and start her life all over again.

Upon discussing it with Bai Ling, however, she discovered that Bai Ling had actually spent all of her money at that point.

Although the problem with Sun Jie had already been dealt with, Bai Ling had long since become an addict.

Thus, the money that Bai Xuewei painstakingly saved up had already been wiped clean by her own mother in what was her biggest loss to date.

Since Bai Xuewei had been nurturing the fetus in her womb, she ended up not going to the internship at the Lisheng Group.

Even if she wanted another chance at an internship, it was practically impossible for her to get another chance to do so.

Having deferred her studies for a year, her only choice now was to repeat her year at university.

However, she would surely be detested by everyone if she were to go back to study now.

As no one in the circle of the rich second generations was willing to give her any attention, her future was extremely dire.

If she wanted to earn money now, she could only work at a bar to do so.

While strictly watching over Bai Ling to prevent her from spending any more money, she also had to work part-time every day.

Lingering in bars and nightclubs late at night, Bai Xuewei had officially turned into a loose woman.

On the other hand, Bai Ling could not help but cry and blame Bai Xuewei for everything, “Wasn’t our previous life in the Chu family’s villa wonderful Back then, I did not have to worry about anything and was treated like the madam herself.

Why did you have to ruin everything by snatching Ye Chen away! Looking at how far we have fallen since then, for you have even forced me to work non-stop! Why did I end up giving birth to you! I should have choked you to death the day you were born!”

Bai Xuewei sneered at her words.

“You want to blame me Weren’t you the one who was elated when you received news that Ye Chen wanted to cancel his engagement to marry me instead Why didn’t you say anything back then Let me tell you… everything happening now is all because of you.

If you had not spent all the money I saved, I would be living a rather decent life right now.

If you keep complaining, don’t blame me for not recognizing you as my mother.”

Often being taken advantage of by the potbellied men in her workplace, Bai Xuewei would vigorously vent her anger and frustration out on Bai Ling after going back home.

Similarly, Bai Ling would also complain about her in her mind.

With the two of them constantly criticizing one another, they both made each other’s lives more miserable.

Turning on the television, Bai Xuewei saw that Chu Xiang had been invited by a TV program for an interview about her success in the business industry.

Dressed in a scarlet red gown, her dark silky hair drooped down her chest.

Her rather simple yet elegant appearance was in stark contrast to her initial image of the daughter from a wealthy family, a pure and innocent student.

Instead, she emitted the charisma of a queen.

Aside from her appearance, Bai Xuewei realized just how much Chu Xiang had matured as a person.

Wearing a bright smile on her face, she chatted with the host of the program with confidence and spoke like an expert.

Upon the mention of Chu Xiang and Xiao Han, the camera swept towards Xiao Han who was currently at the bottom of the stage with his usual aloof expression.

However, everyone could notice the gentleness in his eyes — clearly directed towards Chu Xiang alone.

What woman would not be attracted to a man like him

Seeing Chu Xiang’s success, Bai Xuewei clutched her chest in pain as she could only look at her in envy.

Looking back in the past, Bai Xuewei recalled when Chu Xiang scored an 80 on her test while she scored 100.

Chu Xiang would receive an exquisite present while Bai Ling would not even give her a single word of praise.

She had said to herself, “Am I not that much more outstanding than Chu Xiang” Having played with Chu Xiang and kept her running around in circles, Bai Xuewei found satisfaction in enjoying the spoils of her own battle.

But now, she was now living the living of a prostitute and had arrived at rock bottom.

How did things turn out like this


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