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After Chu Xiang hung up on him, Ye Chen immediately called her back, but this time, his call didn’t connect.

He dialed her number several times when the realization finally dawned on him that Chu Xiang had blacklisted his phone number.

He was so angry that he tried to send Chu Xiang a voice message, but he discovered that she unfriended him on all social media platforms!

Bai Xuewei secretly listened in on their conversation, but when she saw how angrily he was acting, she pretended to be confused by asking, “Ye Chen, what happened Is something wrong”

“Everything is fine.” Ye Chen took a deep breath and got inside the car.

He closed the door with a loud slam and started the car with an indifferent expression on his face.

He didn’t want to tell Bai Xuewei that Chu Xiang had blacklisted his number.

Although he didn’t have any feelings for Chu Xiang anymore, he enjoyed the affections that Chu Xiang showered him in during the past few years.

Many men pursued Chu Xiang, but Chu Xiang never paid them any attention because she only liked him.

It was impossible for him not to feel proud that Chu Xiang only wanted him.

Now that Chu Xiang’s attitude towards him changed, he naturally didn’t want others to know about it.

He believed that Chu Xiang was only trying to play hard to get, after all, how could her feelings suddenly change after loving him for so many years This was merely another one of Chu Xiang’s temper tantrums.

What annoyed him the most was Chu Xiang’s princess attitude.

The Ye Family and the Chu Family were on the same business level in the business world, so why should he coax Chu Xiang when she throws a tantrum He wanted to marry a woman that can make him happy, but marrying Chu Xiang was simply walking into an early grave.

If Chu Xiang was half as gentle and obedient as Bai Xuewei, then he wouldn’t have proposed that they break their engagement.

Ye Chen was furious, so he was speeding down the highway without saying a word.

Bai Xuewei held onto the seat belt for fear of losing her life.

She was scared, but she knew that Ye Chen had a violent temper and right now, nothing could ease his anger.

As such, she remained silent and tried her best to reduce her sense of existence.

It was good that Ye Chen was angry.

The angrier he was, the more he would argue with Chu Xiang, and the more heated their argument would be.

As a result, it would speed up their decision to dissolve their engagement.

She was already living with Ye Chen and they don’t use contraceptives when they do the deed.

She was confident that she can make Ye Chen love her for the rest of their life and she believed that the Ye Family will not let their one and only grandson be an illegitimate child.

It didn’t matter if she and her mother were kicked out of the Chu Family now.

Bai Xuewei was not worried at all.

When they arrived at the Chu Family’s villa, she got out of the car and rushed towards Bai Ling.

She pretended to be distressed and guilty as she hugged Bai Ling and cried, “Mom, are you alright This is all my fault, I let you down.”

Bai Ling pretended as if she didn’t see Ye Chen walking up to her.

When Ye Chen was standing in front of her, she acted all surprised, “Master Ye What is going on here” She pushed Bai Xuewei away and pretended to be strictly scolding her, “Tell me! Why are you together with Master Ye Could it be that what the young lady had told me is true H-how could you act so shamelessly”

Bai Ling raised her hand to slap her, but Bai Xuewei merely flinched and did try to avoid it.

She closed her eyes as if she truly believed that this was all her fault.

Ye Chen hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Bai Ling’s arm.

His tone was very gentle as he explained the situation, “Auntie Bai, please don’t be angry.

I’m truly in love with Weiwei, and she only agreed to go out with me after being harassed by me for a long time.

She has been blaming herself for everything these past few days, so please don’t blame her, instead, you can blame me.”

Bai Ling withdrew her hand because she could never blame or be angry with Ye Chen.

She cried guilty, “How can this be I have let down mister and madam! I have even let down the young lady! I…”

Bai Ling stumbled and almost fell on the ground.

Luckily, Bai Xuewei hurriedly stepped forward and supported her.

She anxiously asked, “Mom, what’s wrong Are you dizzy because you’ve been in the sun for too long Let’s get in the car and have you drink some water and rest.

Ye Chen, please help me support my mom in the car.”

“Oh, okay.” Ye Chen was startled when he saw how Bai Ling had almost fainted.

She was the mother of his lover, so he attached great importance to her wellbeing.

He immediately helped Bai Ling into the car.

Bai Ling drank a few sips of water and laid on the backseat of the car with her eyes closed.

Tears flowed profusely from Bai Xuewei’s eyes as she continuously berated herself, “It’s all my fault.

If it wasn’t because of me, then my mom wouldn’t have been kicked out of the Chu Family villa and forced to stay in the sun for so long.

My mom worked so hard to raise me, yet I allowed her to suffer such a humiliation.

This is all my fault.”

She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and walked towards the Chu Family villa, “I’ll apologize to Xiang Xiang.

My mom has worked in the Chu Family for ten years, so she must be reluctant to leave the Chu Family like this.”

Ye Chen grabbed onto her hand to stop her and asked, “Why do you need to apologize to her She relies on her background to bully others indiscriminately, so don’t go.”

Bai Xuewei struggled uselessly as she said, “I have to go! I have to beg Xiang Xiang.

As long as she doesn’t drive my mom away, then she can vent her anger at me however she likes.

I’m the one who let her down, so she ought to vent her anger at me.”

T/N: I rolled my eyes at how fake they’re acting.

It’s so obvious that Bai Xuewei wants ‘apologize’ to Chu Xiang because she wants Chu Xiang and Ye Chen to argue.

I really love this novel…can’t help but translate ahead.



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