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Upon transmigrating into a new world, Chu Xiang realized that the host of the original body had committed suicide by overdosing on a bottle of sleeping pills.

Although she did not wake up in a hospital this time, she was still sent to the hospital after waking up.

Standing in front of her hospital bed, a lawyer coldly handed her a divorce agreement.

“Miss Chu, I’m the lawyer representing President Lin.

He hopes that you will be willing to sign this contract and not bother him any longer.

Otherwise, you will only be faced with even more difficulties in the future.

We hope that you won’t act impulsively and stir up even more trouble with the media.

After all, Mrs.

Lin isn’t very fond of such things.”

Since Chu Xiang had a stomachache and was not in a very good mood, she stared at the lawyer before replying, “I will not need you to help me with anything.

Please leave.”

The lawyer froze in disbelief, “Miss Chu…”

“Call the security here to deal with the man in my room.” Chu Xiang immediately called for the nurse before concentrating on regaining her spiritual energy, ignoring the lawyer whose face twisted into an ugly expression.

Haughty and conscious of his own reputation, the lawyer naturally would not let the security kick him out of the room.

Thus, he placed down the divorce agreement in the room before taking the initiative to leave on his own.

Before his departure, however, he left behind a piece of advice.

 “I hope that Miss Chu will take the divorce into serious consideration, for you will not be able to bear the consequences of offending President Lin.”

Let alone President Lin, the madam herself did not pose much of a threat to her either.

Now that Chu Xiang was in control of this body, she would surely make those two know and pay the price of treating her in such a despicable manner.

With how thin the spiritual energy in this world was, Chu Xiang could not cultivate nor use any of her martial techniques from her original world.

At most, she could only absorb a thin amount of spiritual energy to soothe her aching stomach.

The use of spiritual energy to recover one’s body was much more efficient than using modern medicine.

As soon as her stomach felt better, Chu Xiang was finally in the mood to look into the original host’s memories.

The original host — also called Chu Xiang — had a beautiful appearance that rivaled that of Chu Xiang herself.

Such a coincidence could only happen since her spiritual energy blended well with the body of the original host.

Knowing how she looked similar to her past self allowed Chu Xiang to feel rather comfortable with her new body.

As for the occupation of the original host, she was a well-known celebrity.

Being adept in both singing and dancing, in addition to her youthful yet charming appearance, she naturally attracted many followers.

Although her acting skills were initially below average, she nevertheless improved and was dubbed a rising star after playing many different roles in several series and movies.

During the peak of the original host’s popularity, Lin Jiawei, the president of the Lin Group, rigorously chased after her.

As the both of them fell into the river of love, they immediately got married soon after meeting each other.

As soon as news of their marriage spread through the media, the original host was criticized by her fans, saying she only married someone as rich as President Lin because she worshipped money.

Furthermore, they scolded her and said she failed to live up to their expectations.

 Although the original host received so much negative attention, she nevertheless agreed to the marriage, fully understanding the consequences of her actions.

Immediately after receiving the criticism, though, Lin Jiawei’s grandmother, the madam of the house, forced her to leave the entertainment circle.

In the end, she never got the opportunity to stand on stage ever again.

Although the original host wanted to resist their ridiculous demands, she nevertheless came to a compromise with the Lin family and rapidly dealt with the situation.

After all, she had already fallen deeply in love with Lin Jiawei.

Since she was originally a popular celebrity, the media continued to pay attention to her even after she retired as an idol, frequently featuring her in news reports.

Whenever she was captured smiling, the media would twist the story by saying she was only acting like a good girl to gain the favor of the rich family.

On the other hand, whenever she put on a poker face, the media would say the family had scolded her, accusing her of being disobedient.

Being a famous female star who married into a wealthy family, she was seen by the eyes of the public as a lowly, pitiful creature who did not have any sort of dignity.

Whenever the public guessed the truth correctly, the original owner would be even more unhappy.

The madam not only treated her strictly with disdain but even constantly pressured her to give birth to a child.

Furthermore, the servants of the family never treated her with the same respect as they did with the others.

If not for Lin Jiawei’s love for her, she could never have endured such absurd hardships.

However, she never expected after their year-long marriage that his past sweetheart would come back from overseas.

Only then did the original host finally understand the true reason why Lin Jiawei decided to marry her and loved her so dearly.

 It was all because she looked similar to his past sweetheart!


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