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The original host had been used as a substitute all along.

After being reunited with her, Lin Jiawei immediately treated the original host with a completely different attitude, treating her badly and attempting to erase her from his family.

He hoped to prevent his true love from getting jealous.

Originally an orphan, the Chu Xiang then did not have any family or relatives to turn to for help.

During her one-year stay in the Lin family, she had already developed mild symptoms of depression.

Furthermore, the friends that Mrs.

Lin introduced to her before had drifted far away from her.

Now that she had lost even Lin Jiawei’s love for her, she had nothing left at all.

While she hated Lin Jiawei for toying with her life, she despised herself for throwing everything she had for herself just to marry a lunatic like him.

Knowing that only bleak outcomes awaited her in the foreseeable future, the original host resorted to committing suicide.

Chu Xiang continued to recall every single one of her memories while concentrating on soothing her stomach.

It seemed that the original host believed that living in this world was far too painful and would rather lose her only chance at reincarnation or transmigration.

She would only be filled with regrets and haunted by her past decisions.

Incidents of someone committing suicide because of love were incomprehensible to Chu Xiang.

If she was the one in the original host’s position, she would never have allowed a bastard like Lin Jiawei to bully her.

Ugh… Damn him!

Grabbing the divorce agreement over from the side, Chu Xiang told herself that she must end this marriage as soon as possible.

After all, how could she allow a scumbag like Lin Jiawei to be her husband

Glancing through the contents of the agreement, it stated how since Mrs.

Lin was persistent in splitting the ownership of property, they would go through with a notarization.

The reason why that scumbag wanted to divorce without giving Chu Xiang anything in return was to show his past sweetheart that he did not have any lingering feelings for Chu Xiang whatsoever.

Only through this could he show how genuine his feelings were for her.

This crazy bastard… is even more inhumane than the ones she met in her previous world.

However, this agreement was what Chu Xiang wanted in the first place.

If she was going to end the relationship, she would end it cleanly without any hesitation.

But would she be short of money

After signing the divorce agreement, she laid back down on the bed and thought about what she was going to do in this world.

Since Chu Xiang had gotten a bit too excited after entering the modern world for the first time in her previous life, she had immediately put all her time and efforts into her family business.

If it was not for Ye Chen constantly bothering her, she would not have bothered dealing with his family to begin with.

Despite knowing a lot about the business industry, however, Chu Xiang already had her share of fun in that field.

Now that she had the opportunity to start anew, she wanted to dive into something fresh.

Looking through the phone of the original host, she decided to return to the entertainment circle.

Being a famous celebrity seemed to be rather fun.

It would be a bad idea to be one herself.

Searching her name on the web, Chu Xiang was stunned upon seeing the results that popped up.

Every single news article about her was filled with ridicule and mockeries of her being a mere substitute for another, abandoned by the Lin family.

Through her countless years of living, Chu Xiang had met her fair share of brainless twats and creepy weirdos.

Even then, those unreasonable idiots who did not have a sense of morality had quickly become cannon fodder.

On the other hand, she would never have expected the original host to be loathed by so many people.

After all, she still could not comprehend the status of an idol.

Only after researching for half the day did she realize that it was a principle for idols to never fall in love.

The original host’s decision to leave the entertainment circle to pursue her love had utterly destroyed her reputation and attracted the attention of many haters.

It seemed that the proud keyboard warriors of the web found the narration of the original host’s story to be extremely interesting, excitedly making fun of her.

Looking through the comments, Chu Xiang only noticed a few comments that pitied her situation.

She might as well consider that the entire web was sneering at her.

Unfazed by the hateful comments, Chu Xiang opened a video of one of her concerts.

Just as she immersed herself into the atmosphere of the concert, she noticed the loud noises coming from outside her hospital room.

As the door was forced open, a horde of reporters suddenly stormed into the room with cameras and microphones in their hands.

“Chu Xiang! Chu Xiang, you really did get admitted into the hospital Did you attempt to commit suicide How are you feeling now”

“Chu Xiang, did you already get a divorce with Lin Jiawei Did you threaten him with your death since you’re not willing to divorce him”

“Yi Tian Entertainment captured the moment when your husband, Lin Jiawei, stayed overnight with another woman at Xishan Villa.

What do you think about it”

“Did you sign the divorce after finding out that Lin Jiawei was having an affair Or was it because you have yet to give birth even after a whole year of marriage”

The nurses and security guards attempted to block the news reporters from the side and even tried to pull them back out.

However, these reporters were ridiculous enough to force their way towards Chu Xiang.

To think that they would not care about shame as long as they could get sufficient information to write a sensationalized article.

At this point, the microphones held by them were about to hit Chu Xiang in the face.


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