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These types of news would at most be considered gossip and would naturally not have a great influence on the Lin Group.

Since it did taint their reputation, however, Lin Jiawei bribed the news outlets to remove the news about the Lin family at once.

As most people had yet to receive that inside information, they were still ridiculing Chu Xiang.

At the end of the day, the media found the story of Chu Xiang marrying into a rich family to be more interesting than the truth.

On the other hand, the occasional comments that spoke up for Chu Xiang would instantly be drowned by the flood of hate comments.

Lin Jiawei was currently having dinner with his sweetheart, Mo Xinru.

Seeing how Chu Xiang was being mocked by the public, Mo Xinru felt great satisfaction.

“Let’s not bother with her anymore.

We’ll just treat her like some sort of stranger when we meet her next time.”

From their perspectives, Chu Xiang was merely a small celebrity that did not pose much of a threat to them.

Scrolling through the constant waves of hate comments in the news articles, Mo Xinru believed that Chu Xiang was surely crying her eyes out in her hospital room.

Since Mo Xinru had returned from overseas, Chu Xiang would naturally have no reason to remain in the family any longer.

Thus, it would be better for Chu Xiang to not show up in front of her again.

How unfortunate it was for Chu Xiang to have such a similar appearance to her.

Practically without any fans to support her nor any companies willing to take her in, Chu Xiang would only be sneered at and ridiculed all day long.

But instead of worrying about those hate comments, Chu Xiang focused on watching the videos of her past performances, hummed along with the songs.

When the nurse came in to give her some medicine, she could not help but have a slight change in opinion.

How strong was her will and determination to endure the difficulties of her current situation A single glance at the personality of the lawyer and the divorce agreement would be enough to understand how low that scumbag had stooped as a human being.

Seeing how Chu Xiang was actually singing happily to her song, her suicide attempt must surely have been some sort of unfortunate accident.

Having fully recovered on the following day, Chu Xiang immediately looked for a hotel to stay in temporarily.

This was one of the downsides of marrying into a family that didn’t own any properties.

After signing the divorce, she simply had nowhere to go nor anyone to lean on.

Not only did she have to live in a hotel temporarily, but she even had to go to the Lin family to pack her belongings.

Since Mrs.

Lin would have her afternoon nap from one to two, no one dared to disturb her during this period.

Otherwise, they would have to deal with her outrage for the rest of the day.

Despite knowing that, Chu Xiang purposefully selected this period to pack and bring back her belongings.

Furthermore, she had even hired four part-time bodyguards and entered the house of the Lin family in a grand fashion.

Although the servants of the Lin family wanted to block Chu Xiang’s way, there was simply nothing wrong with her wanting to pack her belongings.

Possessing the title of the ex-wife of their young master, the servants at the very least did not dare to block her path.

Standing in the midst of her previous bedroom, Chu Xiang ordered the part-timers to assist her in packing her luggage.

She ended up throwing away everything that the Lin family bought for her while keeping the things that the original host had bought.

However, she never expected to have to sort through a mountain of items.

From this pile alone, Chu Xiang could tell how the original host spent her days in the Lin family.

To think that the original host bought so many things for herself!

Since Chu Xiang’s bedroom was located right below Mrs.

Lin’s, the noise that resulted from the constant movements below woke Mrs.

Lin up from her dream.

Having been disturbed during her usual afternoon nap time, an agonizing headache and a feeling of discomfort bothered her.

Opening the door to her from inside, she then shouted.

“What the hell is going on down there!”

Her female maids replied in a panic, “Madam, Miss Chu came back to pack her belongings in her room downstairs.”

“Chu Xiang Does she not know what time it is” Mrs.

Lin exclaimed, rushing down in her pajamas.

Upon seeing her, Mrs.

Lin scolded, “Chu Xiang, be quiet!”

Shooting a quick glance at her, Chu Xiang hinted to her bodyguards to move the suitcase outside.

“Woman, move aside.”

“What did you just call me, you uneducated piece of trash!” Mrs.

Lin’s eyes widened in disbelief as her expression turned ashen.

“I certainly wouldn’t be able to compare to how you educated your grandson.

He’s a mere cheating bastard that only knows how to play around outside the house.

As the saying goes, the children of the family will always learn from and imitate the actions of their elders.

Seeing how this generation of the Lin family acts, the family will surely meet its end sooner or later.” Chu Xiang took a few steps forward and stopped in front of Mrs.


“I have tolerated your ridiculous behavior ever since the beginning.

Do you think you’re still living in the days of kings and queens Do you really think that you can torment anyone that marries into the Lin family You must feel great satisfaction from your grandson listening to you obediently, right Just wait and see.

If you dare touch even a single hair from Mo Xinru’s head, your grandson will break off all relations with you.

The grandson that you worked so hard to raise will end up as an obedient dog of Mo Xinru.

Tell me… what do you think about that”


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