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As the saying went, the tea cools when the people leave.

For when you are no longer in a position of power, everyone will cease to care about you.

Since the previous manager of the original host refused to extend a helping hand, then so be it.

The original host had even been kindhearted and thoughtful enough to send Sister Chen a gift during the New Year festival.

Having confirmed the woman’s true nature, Chu Xiang deleted Sister Chen’s contact details without any hesitation as she continued to rummage through the original host’s memories for anything that could help her.

While the Lin Group was one of the top three most influential groups in S City, Chu Xiang recalled how the heir of the Zhou Group, the most powerful group in S City, seemed to have some sort of beef with Lin Jiawei.

Whenever the name Zhou Ye was mentioned, Lin Jiawei’s expression would always twist in disdain.

Furthermore, it just so happened that Zhou Ye was in charge of a company called Glorious Star Entertainment.

No matter how powerful the Lin Group was, they had just recently entered the entertainment circle.

Thus, they could not compare to the experience the Zhou Group had already accumulated.

If Chu Xiang was to successfully enter Glorious Star Entertainment, the Lin Group would have no way of interrupting.

After finding the contact information of Glorious Star Entertainment on the web, Chu Xiang sent in a rather simple resume.

Successfully getting into the company would naturally be good news for her.

If she were to be rejected, on the other hand, she would simply move to B City to look for another opportunity.

Did Lin Jiawei think he was some sort of king who could trample down on anyone

Having sent in her resume, Chu Xiang proceeded to purchase several business magazines to catch up to the development of this particular world.

While the entertainment circle seemed to be a promising place to end up, she would nevertheless need to make a lot of money before she can relax and have fun.

Her savings of two million yuan was not nearly enough for her to feel comfortable in this life.

If Chu Xiang did not want to lower her head again when facing that scumbag in the future, she would have to be successful and stand in a higher position than him.


When the human resources of Glorious Star Entertainment received Chu Xiang’s resume, they rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

Since Chu Xiang was once the top idol who stood at the peak of the entire entertainment circle, they figured that the resume was sent in by some sort of troll messing around with them.

After all, how could Chu Xiang have fallen so low to have sent in her resume Despite looking through the resume for a while, the employee confirmed that it was actually sent in by Chu Xiang herself.

He immediately reported it to his manager.

Although Chu Xiang’s reputation had plummeted from her recent situation, she was nevertheless someone who had stood in the limelight.

While signing her may be risky, not signing her could be a great loss instead.

Thus, it would be more suitable for the higher ups to make the final decision.

Coincidentally, Zhou Ye happened to be present in the company on this day and had invited several of the higher ups for dinner after work.

While enjoying their meal, one of them brought up the exact topic of Chu Xiang sending in her resume.

“It turned out that the reason why Chu Xiang sent in her resume to our company was that she knew Lin Jiawei had purposefully sabotaged her.

Thus, she hoped to try her luck and start anew at our Glorious Star Entertainment.”

Holding onto the glass of wine, Zhou Ye raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Lin Jiawei He’s sabotaging his ex-wife”


In my opinion, President Lin is going too far.

Not only did he refuse to compensate Chu Xiang after the divorce, but he even wants to sabotage her by blocking her way back into the entertainment circle.

No matter what, they were still once married to each other.

It’s one thing to use her as a substitute for another woman and not compensate with anything afterwards.

However, to kick a person who is still down was certainly going too far.”

Zhou Ye shrugged.

“Who knows what’s actually going on between them They could just be bantering flirtatiously for all we could know.”

“Surely, that isn’t the case.

Take a look at this, President Zhou.

It’s a video of a short interview that was taken in Chu Xiang’s hospital room.

One of my subordinates sent it to me a while ago, but I have yet to delete it.”

Receiving the phone, Zhou Ye noticed Chu Xiang’s overbearing attitude and chuckled.

Having offended Lin Jiawei by calling him a scumbag and accusing Mo Xinru for being his mistress, it was no wonder that Lin Jiawei wanted to sabotage Chu Xiang and ruin her life.

Furthermore, wasn’t Chu Xiang mocking Lin Jiawei when she said that they did not split the family property that was worth hundreds of billions of yuan After all, where would he find that amount in his private assets to split with her

Placing the phone onto the table, Zhou Ye took a sip of wine.

As he thought about how Chu Xiang had the guts to publicly ridicule Lin Jiawei, he burst into gales of laughter as he said.

“Chu Xiang is quite an intriguing character.

How did no one notice this bold side to her in the past Tell your subordinates to invite her in for an interview.

Actually… nevermind.

I’ll go and meet her in person instead.”


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