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Chu Xiang was taken aback as she never expected Glorious Star Entertainment to respond to her, let alone interview her in person by the boss of the company himself, Zhou Ye.

After agreeing to the interview, she immediately rushed to the bathroom and tidied up her appearance and makeup to a satisfactory degree.

Sometimes, women could be compared to flowers — blooming during the peak of their lives.

By only relying on skin care products to maintain their looks, however, they would eventually wither.

At that moment, Chu Xiang’s body and health was in that withering state.

Although the original host was only twenty four years old, she nevertheless looked several years older.

Looking carefully at the state of her body, her skin had started to wrinkle.

Worn-out, her complexion had visibly worsened.

Her entire body seemed to have been drained of all its youth.

While Chu Xiang had the ability to absorb the spiritual energy in the surroundings to nourish her body, the amount of spiritual energy in this world was far too thin.

Thus, the process of doing so would be extremely slow.

In the past two days, she was only able to remove the side effects of overdosing on the sleeping pills and did not have enough time to improve her appearance.

In order to enter and remain in the entertainment circle, Chu Xiang naturally had to possess an appearance beautiful enough to compete with the other candidates.

Therefore, she chose to prioritize her appearance before anything else.

Since Chu Xiang was unable to nourish her body with spiritual energy in time, she could only rely on the original host’s makeup to cover up her weary appearance.

After finishing her makeup, she looked into the mirror and smiled in satisfaction.

It was often said that women placed great emphasis on their appearance for their own satisfaction and pleasure.

Similarly, Chu Xiang believed that women rely on makeup to make themselves happy.

Since she was someone who placed great importance on her looks, she would naturally be in a good mood upon seeing her own beautiful appearance.

While brushing her silky, shoulder-length black hair, she chose a dress that complemented her complexion.

Having polished her appearance, she hummed a song as she went to her appointment with Zhou Ye.

Since the original host had just attempted to commit suicide not long ago, Chu Xiang had been the center of attention for many news reporters.

Upon walking out of the hotel, she had already been tailed by two reporters as she called for a cab.

She sighed.

Next up in her list of priorities included buying her own house and car.

Along the way to her destination, she killed time by reading some business magazines — the covers too included pictures of her that were taken by the news reporters.

The venue of the appointment that Zhou Ye decided on was a Western-style restaurant.

When Chu Xiang arrived at the location, Zhou Ye had already been waiting at the table, playing mobile games.

Only after noticing the sound of high heels clicking towards him did he lift his gaze as he extended his hand, smiling.

“Miss Chu, we finally meet.”

Chu Xiang — shaking his hand — smiled too.

“President Zhou, sorry for making you wait.”

“No, it’s fine.

I have only just arrived myself.

Besides, arriving early and waiting for a lady is something that a gentleman would naturally do.” Zhou Ye then waved his hand at the server and continued, “Please allow the lady to order first.

Miss Chu, what do you like to eat I recommend the steak as it has just been imported from Australia this afternoon.

You should try it out for yourself.”

“In that case, I’ll gladly order the steak that President Zhou recommended.

Furthermore, I would like to order a salad as an appetizer.

That will be all.”

“Hmm Is Miss Chu on a diet”

“Of course.

Since I’m going to come out of retirement soon, I will naturally have to keep in shape.” Chu Xiang closed the menu and handed it over to Zhou Ye with a smile as she took another second to look at his appearance.

With the abundance of beautiful women and handsome men in the entertainment circle, Chu Xiang had seen many of them over the past two days; however, there were very few who possessed an appearance that rivaled that of Zhou Ye.

Though he looked manly, there was also a gentle and reserved side to him that exuded a distinguished, suave presence — even the smile on his face carried a hint of wickedness.

Taking a sip of the lemonade, Chu Xiang already had the general idea of Zhou Ye’s character.

He appeared to be a confident yet carefree man who was ruthless beneath the surface.

Furthermore, he looked like someone who would try his utmost to achieve the things that he put his heart into.

A person of such character would be suitable as Chu Xiang’s temporary boss.

In addition, he was someone who could cause the Lin family to lose face.

The corners of her lips curled, and she continued her interesting conversation with Zhou Ye.


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