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After deciding on his order, Zhou Ye looked at Chu Xiang with an intrigued expression.

“What does Miss Chu intend to do after coming out of retirement Is it to earn money or to get revenge against the Lin family Or is there some other reason unbeknownst to me”

Chu Xiang fiddled with her earrings and.

“I just think the entertainment circle is a fun place to spend my time.

Seeing how many fans enjoyed my past performances made me extremely happy.

Furthermore, it will also allow me to act as different characters while being televised.

What’s not interesting about that”

Surprised by her unexpected answer, Zhou Ye crossed his arms on the table and chuckled.

“Fun Miss Chu is such an intriguing person.

Since Lin Jiawei has been sabotaging you, don’t you have any intentions of getting revenge on him Are you going to let him go just like that”

“Only a fool would try to get their revenge when they have yet to build up their strength.

Besides, it is never too late to get revenge.

As someone who holds deep grudges, I will strike when the opportunity presents itself.” Chu Xiang smirked.

“Why did President Zhou come to meet me in person Do you think I have potential and value in the industry, or are you simply looking for trouble with Lin Jiawei”

“Both, I guess Perhaps I just think that it’s a fun way to kill time.

After meeting with Mis Chu today, I will be looking forward to your future developments.

Maybe you’ll really be able to surprise everyone this time.

Miss Chu, will you be interested in working with me” Zhou Ye reached out for another handshake.

Only with these few exchanges did he already decide to sign Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang accepted his hand.

“I look forward to working with you.”

Wasn’t it a good thing to have a boss who does things differently in the entertainment circle

Without any way of entering the restaurant, the news reporter could only take the pictures from outside.

From his angle, however, he could only catch Chu Xiang dining with an unrecognizable man.

After the meal, both Chu Xiang and Zhou Ye drove away from the underground parking lot.

Unable to follow them, the news settled for publishing the photos he was able to take.

Once again, the most popular searches for the day still included Chu Xiang.

This time, however, the media exploded with the news of Chu Xiang enjoying a meal with another man after getting her divorce.

Since the man owned a car that rivaled that of Lin Jiawei, many speculated him to be some sort of upper class figure.

Could Chu Xiang’s decision to divorce without receiving any compensation have something to do with this man

As soon as the information was published, it spread quickly throughout various media outlets.

Once again, the netizens discovered another hot topic to discuss as Chu Xiang’s haters erupted into an uproar, calling her a show-off.

[Having lived a happy life in the Lin family, Chu Xiang nevertheless had to endure through all her hardships.

Was it all for money or for true love How foolish of her to make a pre-marriage notarization.

She probably never thought that she would be forced out of the family so quickly and fail to achieve the things she sought after.

She must have tried to committed suicide in order to get the money.

Seeing how she’s so delighted after getting the divorce, she had probably gotten the money in private and moved on to another family for more.]

[Chu Xiang stated that she did not receive anything as compensation for the divorce during her stay at the hospital though]

[There’s no solid evidence of that.

While she may have stayed at an inexpensive hotel, the restaurant where she dined in was expensive as hell.

Hehe, we shouldn’t be sympathizing with her anymore.

She seems to be living a better life than us anyway.]

[That man has such low standards to actually be willing to be Chu Xiang’s next man right after her divorce.

It was certainly a special case for Lin Jiawei to use Chu Xiang as a substitute for another woman.

Surely, the other men who are willing to marry her wouldn’t simply see her as their lover, right]

[Having been kicked out by her ex-husband’s mistress, she’s now going to become someone else’s lover Does she have no shame Ah… I see.

After all, wouldn’t she be able to live a more carefree life by being a rich man’s lover than going back to the entertainment circle]

[You guys are going too far.

No matter what, Miss Mo has always been the one who was truly loved by President Lin.

Chu Xiang was simply someone who came after her.

Taking a look at Chu Xiang’s coquettish and slutty character, how could she compare to the graceful and magnanimous Miss Mo]

[Damn! It might be stupid of me to side with Chu Xiang.

However, Mo Xinru is without a doubt a mistress.

Even if Chu Xiang had refused the divorce, Lin Jiawei would have been sleeping with Mo Xinru behind her back.

All women should be standing on Chu Xiang’s side and understand that she’s simply messing around with some other guy after her divorce.

Did they not say something about true love at first sight I am already familiar with the two words, ‘true love’.

But how about sadness or even pain]


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