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During their meeting, Uncle Dong and Chu Xiang had a meaningful conversation and got to know each other very well before signing the contract directly.

As someone who valued efficiency, Uncle Dong asked in advance whether Chu Xiang would like to have a meeting to plan for her comeback as a celebrity.

Since Chu Xiang had already left the entertainment circle for a whole year, Uncle Dong was worried that she would not be able to keep up with everything in the scene.

“I’m a man who knows his priorities and will always get the job done beforehand.

Thus, you will be receiving a heavier workload than the usual celebrities do.

Only by doing so will your popularity soar rapidly in a short span of time.

If you’re not used to the fast pace or have any other ideas in mind, please do let me know so that I may reconsider the plans and schedules.”

Interestingly enough, Chu Xiang chuckled.

“I’m quite fond of this pace.

Since I currently have so much time to spare, I’m already itching for more things to do.

 Why don’t we have the meeting right now”

“Alright, I’ll ask the others to come over immediately.” Uncle Dong burst into laughter as he messaged his assistant to gather everyone up for the meeting.

Very soon, many different people who would be assisting Chu Xiang in her comeback walked into the meeting room one by one, including the head of the operations department, the head of the PR department, a voice teacher, a dance coach, an acting coach, a physique coach, a fitness coach, and a dietitian.

As each of them took a seat, Uncle Dong sat down at the head of the table and introduced each person one by one.

He laughed.

“The purpose of this meeting today is for everyone to get to know more about Chu Xiang and to finalize her comeback plan.

Everyone should know by now just how much attention she had gained over the past two days.

We must not waste the opportunity to stand in the spotlight while it lasts.

Not only must we take the chance to attract the waves of the general public, but we must also let her former fans know that she has made her comeback as a celebrity.”

“Before we go on to that stage of the plan… Chu Xiang, will you take a moment to briefly display your strengths and allow your coaches to evaluate them After all, we’ll need to get to know more about your abilities before anything else.”

“Alright.” She walked towards the open space in the room and performed one of the original host’s most popular songs.

During her earnest performance, the others seated around the meeting table watched attentively; however, their expressions did not look too good.

After hearing her singing, the voice teacher jotted down a few notes before muttering to herself, “She possesses a beautiful, rich tone and has innate musicality.

However, you can clearly notice that she has not been practicing for a while now.

Her breaths have been inconsistent while her high pitches have fallen short of her former abilities.

At the moment, I do not recommend singing for her comeback because many of her fans will be comparing her current singing with her past ones and will be extremely disappointed.

In spite of that, fear not, for one’s voice can be improved through more practice.”

The dance coach commended enthusiastically, “While her fundamentals for dancing are indeed present, her muscles have gotten rather stiff after her year long retirement.

Furthermore, her movements lack precision and will require more time to regain her previous touch.

Before then, I do not recommend a dance performance for her comeback at the moment.”

Acknowledging their suggestions, Chu Xiang nodded and wiped away the sweat trickling down her head as she said, “I agree with what the two of you have said as I can feel the strain in my muscles and inconsistency in my singing.

Compared to my peak condition a year ago, the current state of my body has deteriorated greatly.

Thus, I will need to take better care of my body and increase the intensity of my training.

As I’m not afraid of hardships, the two coaches may come up with a training plan with greater intensity.

By doing so, I hope to at least regain the abilities I had during my peak days as a celebrity.”

“Alright, that won’t be a problem.” The two coaches laughed, admiring Chu Xiang’s determination.

After all, they were not afraid of shortcomings, but an unwillingness to improve.

Having failed to pass in the aspect of singing and dancing, no one else expected more from her since those two fields were the original host’s greatest strengths.

Next, the acting coach presented Chu Xiang with a test commonly used to assess an actor’s abilities.

This test required her to utilize the four types of human emotions — joy, anger, fear, and sadness — in the same scene.

Taking a sip of water, Chu Xiang used a short period of time to think before acting in accordance with her understanding of each emotion.

Although she indeed knew how to put on a play, she had never once acted with only her imagination; thus, finding the test to be rather difficult.

Having lived for such a long time, however, she had met many different types of people and experienced countless emotions.

As a result, she was able to act out each emotion with precision.


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