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As a man of few words, Yang Yong simply acknowledged Chu Xiang’s orders with a single nod before making a detour towards the medicinal store.

Xiao Tao asked out of curiosity, “Does Sister Xiang take Chinese medicine If so, are there any parts of your diet that you should be abstaining from”

Flipping over a page of the magazine, Chu Xiang replied, “None of the sort.

I will only be purchasing some medicinal ingredients for a nice bath later.

By doing so, I will be in a better condition for work.”

Xiao Tao carefully analyzed Chu Xiang’s skin.

“Sister Xiang, have you made sure that the medicinal ingredients are compatible with you Are they reliable Otherwise, I will make an appointment at the spa that I frequent for body care.

Although it may be a bit pricey, the services at that place will definitely be worth it.”

Chu Xiang chuckled, “We’ll go there next time.

Don’t worry, I have already used the medicinal ingredients before, so there should not be any issues.”

“Oh, alright.

Sister Xiang, if you are in need of anything else, please do not hesitate to tell me, for I will do my best to assist you.

Furthermore, it would be better to avoid being seen in public as you never know what the news reporters might capture and write about again.” Xiao Tao took out her phone and opened her memo book.

After a moment of thought, Chu Xiang shook her head.

“I think it would be best for me to go and look for myself since I seem to have forgotten about the specifics of the ingredients.

As for the news reporters, you don’t have to worry about them.

After all, what else can they even write about me Most of what they write will be harmless anyways, so we should just let them write to their heart’s desire.”

Storing her phone back in her pocket, Xiao Tao sighed.

“Sister Xiang, you have such great patience.

I reckon that the media will even report the insignificant stories of you walking down the streets to buy clothes and food for more attention at this point.

Next time you have anything you want, please call for me.

After all, isn’t it a pain to be followed by the media all day long”

“In that case, I will be calling for you quite often.” Chu Xiang finally gave in to her words, filling Xiao Tao with great satisfaction.

Although Xiao Tao found it strange that Chu Xiang was reading a business magazine, she nevertheless remained silent.

She checked a notification from a popular microblogging site.

Xiao Tao discovered that the terms, “No man will choose Chu Xiang,” had become a trending search and hot topic.

She couldn’t help but shoot a quick glance towards Chu Xiang.

If she were in her position, she would have already broken down crying.

Xiao Tao then recalled the time when Chu Xiang cried in the news conference before officially retiring as a celebrity from the entertainment industry.

At that time, Chu Xiang gave off a weak and delicate impression; that was why Xiao Tao never expected her to be so unaffected by the horde of haters targeting her.

Xiao Tao opened Chu Xiang’s account on the microblogging website and realized that she had not logged it for a whole year now — her final post being the farewell message to her fans.

The comment section of that post was continuously being filled with hateful comments.

She prepared herself to speak to Chu Xiang about her microblogging account.

Since Chu  Xiang was going to come out of retirement, it would be best to have someone operate and clean up the account for her.

When the car finally arrived at the medicinal store, Xiao Tao followed Chu Xiang down to purchase the medicinal ingredients.

As Chu Xiang walked around the store, she began sniffing out each medicinal ingredient.

Since she never got the chance to study medicine even in her previous life, she naturally did not have much knowledge of modern medicine.

Having concocted many different types of cultivation pills in her original world, however, Chu Xiang realized that some of the modern ingredients were similar to the ones she used in the distant past.

Thus, she took the opportunity to look around and learn more about them.

Looking at Chu Xiang’s actions, Xiao Tao felt an indescribable sense of unease, for it did not seem like Chu Xiang knew much about the medicinal ingredients.

From her perspective, Chu Xiang was simply taking a few sniffs of each ingredient before picking them out.

Even with all her doubts, Chu Xiang had already declined her previous suggestions and insisted on buying the medicinal ingredients.

Xiao Tao could only remain silent and watch her from the side.

After analyzing every medicinal ingredient in the store, Chu Xiang was rather disappointed with the quality of the modern ingredients.

Only after more than half an hour did she pick out a few ingredients with great reluctance.

In addition to the different types of ingredients, she had also purchased a cauldron to concoct the medicinal ingredients in.

Having just paid for the items, Xiao Tao took the initiative to help carry the bags of medicinal ingredients back to the car.

Feeling heartbroken from the total price, she hoped the ingredients would be of any use, as they cost almost an entire month’s salary.

Looking at Xiao Tao’s downcast expression, Chu Xiang could not help but burst into gales of laughter.

Shen then pinched Xiao Tao by her cheeks.

“Don’t worry, for I will definitely increase your salary after rising in popularity.”

Xiao Tan sighed.

“In that case, I can only hope for Sister Xiang to raise my salary.”


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