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The two programs that Chu Xiang would be attending were indeed filled with celebrities who have recently become well-known.

Upon her arrival at the filming location for her first program, Chu Xiang was immediately informed that today’s take would involve challenges that tested one’s limits.

The celebrity who had invited her to the program was an male actor called Dong Bohao.

Despite being single and in his fifties, he nevertheless lived his life to the fullest.

Furthermore, his living habits were certainly unique, to say the least, for he possessed a strange way of thinking.

As his childlike innocence had yet to fade away, he would often entertain himself with various activities and situations.

Some of the things Dong Bohao did included attempting to break certain Guinness World Records, munching down on the snacks from a food street until his stomach gave in, using scraps to design a two-meter-tall Transformers figure, cutting two sacks of onion with friends, et cetera.

When the team of the program interviewed his mother, she said in a helpless yet proud tone, “I no longer have the energy to look after that brat.

Besides, he’s already fifty years old, so he can do whatever he wants to do in life.

Fortunately, he also seems to be enjoying what he’s doing.”

Dong Bohao has indeed been extremely successful as an entertainer, for he never ran out of new ideas.

His unique personality attracted countless loyal fans during his time as a celebrity.

In this particular shoot, he initially invited a junior from the same company, Liao Ze, to attempt two different challenges — bungee jumping and deepwater diving.

Having added Chu Xiang as another guest, however, the team proposed to change the challenges to rock climbing and tightrope walking.

While bungee jumping is terrifying in itself, the person attempting it would simply need to close their eyes and trust the rope holding onto them as they jumped down.

On the other hand, rock climbing required the person to think beforehand.

Although it may sound simple at first, the person would need to plan their climbing route beforehand.

Otherwise, they would end up reaching a dead end and starting all over again.

All of this would make it more entertaining for viewers.

Needless to say, tightrope walking is the test of one’s abilities to remain calm.

Having to walk 600 meters above the ground from one end to the other while swaying is certainly no easy feat.

With a single breeze from either side, one could feel themselves falling into a bottomless abyss.

Such a tormenting challenge could only be attempted by someone with real guts.

Since Liao Ze had a fear of heights, his legs had long since turned numb upon hearing news that they would be bungee jumping.

Realizing how they changed the challenge to tightrope walking, he cursed the producers of the show.

Holding tightly onto Dong Bohao, Liao Ze shouted and complained thar Dong Bohao had plotted against him.

One of the people in charge then asked Chu Xiang, “Will you be able to attempt the challenges Your safety will be guaranteed, and you may even give up whenever you want to during the challenges.

However, please make sure to exaggerate a bit for entertainment purposes.

Otherwise, no one would be willing to watch it.”

Taking a quick glance at the two hundred meter long steel cable, Chu Xiang noticed that there were steel rings used for rock climbing along the side of the tightrope.

‘Wouldn’t this be a simple task then’

Chu Xiang nodded.

“I will be fine.

You can film at any point during my attempt.”

The person warned her again in a worried tone, “It would be better to give up whenever you need to instead of shouting and screaming in fear.

Do remember that this will be a live broadcast.

It would not be good for the viewers to see you in that state of panic.”

“I’m not afraid.”

Seeing how Chu Xiang had no intentions of changing her mind, the person gave up on persuading her and walked away.

Much less attempting such challenges, wouldn’t most girls lose their minds out of fear upon seeing such things Besides, the producers decided on these challenges to make the show more entertaining for its viewers by exaggerating the celebrities’ reactions.

Why were Chu Xiang’s reactions different from what they sought after

Having warmed himself up for the challenges, Dong Bohao then said to both Chu Xiang and Liao Ze, “Keep up your fighting spirit! The two of you better not lose to me later.

Otherwise, you’ll end up as laughingstocks.

I will also treat you guys to a good meal after the filming ends.”

Liao Ze’s soul seemed to be on the verge of ascending out of his body.

“At this point, even eating at a sumptuous banquet would not make up for this horrifying experience.

I shouldn’t have agreed to join this program as a guest.

Why did I not think of the possibility that you would plot against me…”

Chu Xiang chuckled, “Brother Liao, follow me from behind.

I will give you a bit of courage.”

Liao Ze turned his head slowly towards Chu Xiang.

“Oh my god… Do girls these days have no fear of anything”

During their conversation, the director gave them a signal that indicated the start of the live broadcast.

Since the producers never announced the esteemed guests beforehand, the viewers of the show were all dumbfounded as soon as they noticed that Dong Bohao had invited Chu Xiang as one of his guests for this week.


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