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[Who is that What is she doing Why is she there]

Viewers began bombarding the bullet screen of the show with such comments.

[What… the… hell… is Chu Xiang doing in Brother Dong’s show Get her out of there! Does she not know about the challenges of the show She better not ruin my Brother Dong’s show!]

[Oh my god! It really is Chu Xiang! Isn’t she the person who failed her attempt at committing suicide and is now plagued by some sort of disease Surely, she isn’t thinking about committing suicide in this show, right There’s no way that would happen, right]

[Have the producers of the show gone crazy To think that they would invite Chu Xiang into the show to gross out my Brother Dong.

What were they thinking by inviting a frail person into a show that deals with extreme challenges]

[Didn’t Chu Xiang say something about coming out of retirement Could she be doing that in Brother Dong’s show Goddamn, she’s going to ruin it! We only came here to see Brother Dong attempt these extreme sports.

Who actually came here to watch someone like her She will definitely cry out of fear later.]

[Let alone screaming, I bet she’s not even going to be able to get on the tightrope.

She’s going to cry her eyes out while Brother Dong comforts her from the side.

There’s also Liao Ze Oh my god! Will the two of them be taking care of the little princess However, the key thing is that Chu Xiang isn’t even a princess, but instead, an abandoned woman! What in the world are the producers thinking]

The assistant in charge of dealing with the audience’s response asked the director in a soft voice, “Will this be okay, Director Our entire audience is bashing us.”

The director simply waved his hand and said, “This is simply another highlight of the show.

Liao Ze’s appearance as an esteemed guest in the show this week should be more than enough.

On the other hand, Chu Xiang is simply an additional guest.

If her performance ends up lacking, we can simply direct the camera lens towards Liao Ze and Dong Bohao, so there shouldn’t be any problems there.”

Crouching on the side while carrying Chu Xiang’s bag, Xiao Tao could not help but worry about her.

After all, her Sister Xiang had just been living like a princess in a rich family not long ago.

Would she be able to handle those extreme sports How did Uncle Dong even communicate with the producers of the show This was ridiculous!

Xiao Tao then secretly sent a message complaining to Uncle Dong about how the producers harbored bad intentions and were planning to make a fool out of Chu Xiang.

Uncle Dong too never expected the producers to make the show so extreme.

Getting Chu Xiang into the show was already difficult enough, but it seemed that she would have to go through many hardships to regain her popularity.

Uncle Dong could only urge Xiao Tao to take care of Chu Xiang during the shoot while paying close attention to any developments happening in the live broadcast.

Despite all those nasty comments, Chu Xiang neither knew nor cared about them.

As soon as the live broadcast began, she had already been stretching and warming her body up.

At the same time, she was also analyzing the rocky terrain that she would be climbing.

After selecting the most optimal route up the cliff, she pictured herself climbing up with the most efficient movement and techniques.

[Look at Chu Xiang feigning confidence.

I have to say… her acting skills have definitely improved as even I was tricked by her.]

[Wow… she’s warming up! She better have the guts to climb up.

Otherwise, it would definitely be an embarrassing sight to behold.]

[Just shut up and focus on Brother Dong and Liao Ze.

There’s no need to pay attention to such an irrelevant person.

How dare she mess up Brother Dong’s live broadcast I will never forgive her for doing so!]

[I too will never forgive her, so count me in.

Is she not aware of her current situation These days, she has been appearing everywhere.

Not only has she become one of the top searches on the internet, but she has even found her way into the live broadcasts.

How annoying!]

After warming up, Dong Bohao said to the two of them, “Want me to go first to set an example”

Chu Xiang smiled.


Good luck, Brother Dong! We’ll see you at the peak!”

Liao Ze, on the other hand, was so terrified that his face had turned bleach pale — currently not in the mood to speak to anyone.

As Dong Bohao placed on his safety goggles to protect his eyes from the strong wind, he pointed towards them with an OK gesture before following the staff to the starting point of the route.

Chu Xiang swept her gaze towards Liao Ze.

“Are you really that scared If that’s the case, you should just give up.

You shouldn’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do.”

Liao Ze shook his head reluctantly.

“No, I’m fine.

How about… you go first.

I will go last since I think that I will be the slowest one here.”

“Alright, I’ll be going now then.” Chu Xiang before running towards the starting point of the route.

Before starting her ascent, however, the staff inspected her climbing gear to make sure that there were no defects.


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