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[Has Chu Xiang gone crazy How could Liao Ze be the one watching them from the side Will the camera even be directed towards him Why force yourself when you don’t want to do it Hehe… Let’s see just how long she will be able to keep up her act.]

[Actually… wasn’t she simply worrying about Liao Ze just now From my perspective, she doesn’t seem to be scared whatsoever.

Who knows Perhaps she does have the guts to climb.

Why are you guys insulting her unnecessarily]

[Hehe… When she took part in a similar show a year ago, she was so terrified that her face looked like she had just seen a ghost as she screamed like one herself.

No one here has any sort of malice towards her.

It’s just that we do not like seeing her in these types of shows.]

[I bet Chu Xiang will give up after five minutes.]

[I bet three minutes!]

Since Chu Xiang had built up such a large horde of haters over the past year, the bypassers who did not know much about her situation, would naturally not have a good impression of her.

Upon the mention of her name, the first thought that pops up into their mind would be the most recent news about her being a gold digger who did not care about the public’s opinion of her.

As such, the entire bullet screen was filled with hate comments targeting Chu Xiang.

As the camera shifted towards Chu Xiang, the director whispered to the staff, “The result will become apparent in about six minutes.

Hopefully, she will display a strong performance instead of crying or shrieking loudly.”

Chu Xiang did not comment on the distrust of the filming crew.

After receiving the signal and double&checking her climbing gear, she immediately propped herself on the cliff and began her ascent.

Since her body was still quite ordinary, Chu Xiang had to make up for her strength with the little amount of spiritual force that she possessed.

By shifting her spiritual force to a specific part of her body, she would be able to strengthen that specific part to a certain extent — a sort of cheat code in real life.

Besides, such actions were nothing out of the ordinary for her as it merely felt like eating a meal to her.

Who would be afraid and nervous of eating a meal Although she may have gotten much weaker compared to before, failure was simply impossible.

[Who said that Chu Xiang would be scared out of wits just now Why does it look like… she is a professional sport climber]

[Surely, you have to be exaggerating.

She’s an amateur at most.

However, her performance seemed to be the ebay out of the three.]

[She has only just started her ascent.

Look how high Brother Dong has climbed already.

I bet Chu Xiang will start panicking after taking the wrong path.

Furthermore, the upper part of the route requires a lot of strength to get past.

A single glance at her slender figure would be enough to surmise that she won’t be able to make it past that point.]

[Even then, she would still perform better than Liao Ze.

Just look at him.

Despite having just started, it seems that he has already been scared out of his wits.]

During her ascent up the cliff, Chu Xiang had not only selected the correct paths, but she had even surpassed Dong Bohao and taken the lead after he went down the wrong path.

Arriving at the halfway point of the route, Chu Xiang recalled how she had to put on a bit of show to entertain the viewers.

Thus, she decided to take a short breather after managing to find an ideal resting position along the route.

Wiping away the sweat trickling down her face, she turned around slightly and shouted, “ Brother Dong, the path of the left is a trap.

After taking around five more steps up the right side, go up the left for approximately ten steps before going straight up for five steps.

At that point, you just need to climb in my direction.”

Lifting his head and meeting her gaze, Dong Bohao took her advice, and surely enough, it was true.

He then shot a thumbs up towards Chu Xiang as he gasped for breath, unable to shout out a single word loud enough for her to hear.

Thus, he could only say to the camera above him, “Chu Xiang has surpassed all my expectations of her.

I originally wanted to mock Liao Ze after reaching the peak, but it seems that Chu Xiang will be snatching that opportunity away.

Are all the girls these days as strong as her Fortunately, I don’t have a wife.

Otherwise, I would definitely be under her grasp for the rest of my life.”

[Hahaha! Brother Dong had been surpassed by a young lady.

Chu Xiang, you better not give up! Don’t give Brother Dong the opportunity to ridicule Liao Ze!]

[God damn! Liao Ze hasn’t even propped himself up on the wall.

Surely, he’s far too scared of heights.

The filming crew is also too harsh on Liao Ze.

I actually feel quite bad for him…]

[Am I the only one here who thinks that Chu Xiang is cool I can’t help but admire her courage.

She is the type of girl that I want to take me out on an adventure!]


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