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Not only did Chu Xiang surpass all expectations and successfully arrive at the final destination, but she was even the first one to finish the ascent.

Upon reaching the peak, the staff members dashed over and asked how she felt after experiencing the climb.

Chu Xiang took a well-deserved gulp of refreshing water before replying with a smile, “It was really fun.

However, the route was shorter than I initially thought.”

[Shorter… than… she… thought… Did I hear her words correctly Or did the wind mess up the audio]

[Hahaha! Not only did she send the route, but she even on-sighted it.

Where did the people who predicted that she would fall within a few minutes of the climb go Could they possibly be too embarrassed to show themselves]

T/N: “Sending” the route means to complete the route regardless of how many attempts a climber does.

“On-sighting” means that the climber managed to ascend a certain route cleanly from start to finish on their very first attempt.

[If I was in her position, I would have already been scared to death.

In contrast, Chu Xiang didn’t even flinch a single time during her ascent.

Not only were her hands steady, but she even dared to look down from such a high point during the climb.

She’s absolutely crazy! At that point….

No, even much before that point… I would have already been as terrified as Liao Ze.]

[Haha! You don’t have to mention Liao Ze anymore.

He had long since given up on his trip.

Oh well… It can’t be helped since he has a fear of heights.]


If Chu Xiang had utterly failed her attempt, wouldn’t she have become the laughingstock of the program On the other hand, everyone has no problems excusing Liao Ze despite not being able to even start his ascent Why are they being treated so differently Isn’t this pretty unfair]

[I’m not sure whether the previous haters will have the same opinion as me; however, Chu Xiang seemed to be even cooler than I initially imagined her to be.

I had thought she was a terrible person judging from the previous hate comments.]

Upon seeing the outcome of the live broadcast, the assistant stared at the director and cheered excitedly, “Director, I never expected Chu Xiang to actually be so capable.

In addition to snatching the spotlight in this week’s live broadcast, she had also attracted the attention of many of our viewers.

The viewership of our program is still increasing as we speak.”

The director nodded in satisfaction.

“She has already surpassed all of my expectations.

Make sure to give her even more screen time later on.

Tell the camera crew to pay less attention to Liao Ze.”

Uncle Dong — currently watching the live broadcast — was also impressed by Chu Xiang’s performance in this live broadcast.

He notified the PR department, “Send out the prepared statement and spread the word of Chu Xiang’s live broadcast.”

“Yes sir, I will do so immediately.” The PR department had long since finished the preparation of the statement and had simply been waiting for Uncle Dong’s signal.

At that moment, Glorious Star Entertainment made a public announcement, stating that the person whom Chu Xiang was having dinner with in the photos spreading around was just the president of the Glorious Star Entertainment.

In those photos, the two of them were simply having a discussion regarding Chu Xiang’s contract.

After mentioning how Chu Xiang came out of retirement, they immediately announced that Chu Xiang was currently participating in the live broadcast of [Are Celebrities Capable Or Not] and encouraged even more people to go watch it.

With the attention brought about by [Are Celebrities Capable Or Not]’s initial post — in addition to the recent announcement made by the Glorious Star Entertainment — the other media outlets, enticed by this rare opportunity for free viewership on their articles, began spreading the news on the internet.

After witnessing Chu Xiang’s magnificent performance in the live broadcast, Uncle Dong immediately took the opportunity to add fuel to the fire.

At this moment, news of Chu Xiang coming out of retirement filled the top searches.

Over the past few days, the web was filled with news and discussions regarding Chu Xiang.

Furthermore, most of those discussions were aimed to tarnish Chu Xiang’s reputation as the haters had no intentions of backing down from their stances.

Having done nothing but talk about Chu Xiang, however, the other netizens had already gotten tired of news that had to do with her.

Even so, the spotlight was once again stolen by Chu Xiang after the recent announcement of her comeback as a celebrity.

From the perspective of the public, it did not make sense why Chu Xiang decided to make her comeback with rock climbing.

After all, they could not picture someone like her to do very well in that sport.

Furthermore, the program, [Are Celebrities Capable Or Not], was widely known as a comedic show that didn’t show mercy towards its guests.

Many people then began diving into the live broadcast out of curiosity.

Everyone was shocked to see that Chu Xiang had already completed her ascent despite the dangers of the sport.

Moreover, they wondered why the initial viewers were showering Chu Xiang with constant praises on the bullet screen.

This sudden contrast in attitude grabbed the attention of many of the new viewers.

At the same time, Chu Xiang’s haters who just arrived at the scene had already been spamming hate comments on the bullet screen despite not having seen anything yet.

With their sudden appearance, the few fans who were cheering for Chu Xiang had also been overshadowed.

Only on a few occasions would the positive comments cheering for her show up on the bullet screen.

The arrival of the haters naturally influenced the opinions of many of the viewers.

While there were some who joined in on spamming hate comments, there were also others who had either turned off the bullet screen or began standing up for Chu Xiang.

Regardless of the nature of comments, the viewership of the program had risen to the heights never before seen.


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