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After completing her ascent, Chu Xiang rested for a while as she waited for Dong Bohao to finish his ascent.

She then handed him a towel and a bottle of mineral water.

“Brother Dong, would you like to continue”

Dong Bohao nodded his head firmly, “Of course.

Did you think I have already grown that old Let me tell you, I am capable of doing anything.”

Chu Xiang held herself back from chuckling as she replied, “Oh, right.

It seems that your personality didn’t age well with your appearance as they certainly don’t match with one another.”

[Hahaha! They don’t match indeed.

After all, Brother Dong loves to accomplish bold feats.]

[Chu Xiang seems to have matured quite a bit.

Not only does she not act shy in front of guys anymore, but even her words have become bolder.

She’s like a completely different person now.]

[Haven’t the haters complained enough If you don’t enjoy the show, then get the hell out of here.

Chu Xiang is so cool! I am so looking forward to seeing her walk across the steel tightrope!]

At this point in the live broadcast, Chu Xiang and Dong Bohao had already arrived at the start of the steel tightrope.

As the main host of the show, Dong Bohao would naturally take the lead.

Having yet to recover all his stamina from the previous stunt, however, his face flushed bright red from fatigue.

As such, his fans started to worry about him.

[I’m so worried for Brother Dong.

Brother Dong, don’t force yourself any longer.

Seeing you climb is already more than enough.]

[Brother Dong, you have already done more than enough today.

So, don’t do anything reckless.]

[What is the filming crew doing Although Brother Dong may still possess his youthful vigor, his body has nevertheless aged quite a bit.]

While Chu Xiang was preparing her equipment from the side, she constantly stole glances at Dong Bohao.

“This seems to be even more fun than the previous stunt.

Brother Dong, would you be willing to let me go first I can no longer hold back my excitement.”

“Are you sure you can handle this stunt Not only will there be a deep abyss looming below but you’ll also have to walk your way back if you suddenly change your mind during the walk.

The filming crew will not do anything to assist you.”

“Brother Dong, you don’t have to worry.

Since I’m such an unlucky person, I bet the deep abyss wouldn’t even want to swallow me up.

Anyways, I will be going first.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Chu Xiang walked towards the start of the steel tightrope — the only thing in front of her now besides the tightrope itself was a horizontal rod used to stabilize herself during the walk.

If she were to lose her balance on the tightrope, she would end up flying down into the abyss like those fictional martial artists you find in wuxia novels.

Chu Xiang tried to lift the horizontal rod up and determined how she was going to hold it.

After all, she had to depend on that rod for constant balance.

After concentrating the spiritual force in her body towards her legs, Chu Xiang walked steadily on her short yet dangerous journey to the other end of the steel tightrope.

A gust of wind suddenly rushed through the air, causing the steel tightrope to tremble beneath her.

For a second, the bullet screen of the live broadcast was completely empty as the entire audience could held their breath in suspense.

Chu Xiang stopped for a moment to regain her balance before she continued moving forward with a smile on her face.

[God damn! I admit defeat.

Even a male adult like me wouldn’t dare continue moving forward at this point.

To think that Chu Xiang would be bold enough to keep on going…]

[Chu Xiang is so hot! I bet she purposefully told Brother Dong that she was excited for this stunt so that Brother Dong would have more time to rest.

Looks like she earned herself a new fan.]

[What exactly did Chu Xiang experience and go through over the past year to have changed so drastically]

[Is this her true nature How weak and naive could someone who came out from an orphanage be While she may have established her own public persona in the past, now that she knows that it’s no longer going to work, she’s probably trying to create a more confident, outgoing persona instead.

Can’t any of you see through her actions]

[What the hell is wrong with you Did the orphanage provoke you or something So what if Chu Xiang decides to change her public persona At least she won’t end up with a disgusting personality like yours.

Are you enjoying your time as a keyboard warrior What a brainless bastard!]

Since this was the first time Chu Xiang had ever participated in such a thrilling event, she found it to be rather fun.

Although she was still trying to get used to things, this steel tightrope walk brought back many memories of her original life.

She could not help but reveal a smile out of nostalgia.

While she was reminiscing the memories from her original world, she had already made her way to the end of the tightrope and back within the span of a few minutes, though it wasn’t enough for her just yet.

Chu Xiang turned back around and noticed that Dong Bohao had already made his way onto the tightrope.

Only able to watch from the side at this point, her eyes lingered with a hint of regret.

[If my eyes did not deceive me… was Chu Xiang thinking about going for another round]

[You never know.

She might actually want to do it several more times.]

[Hmmph! So what if she is good at rock climbing and tightrope walking Isn’t she simply a gold digger She threw away her career as an idol and married into a wealthy family.

Now, she wants to make her comeback by doing physical activities She couldn’t have lost her dancing and singing skills, right In that case, she simply got what she deserved!]

[Will you just f*ck off Chu Xiang, just ignore these brainless haters of yours.

I will definitely keep supporting you! Keep up with your good work and make them swallow their words.]


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