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Chapter 1008: Seventh Day of the Seventh Month (2)

Moreover, the foundation of Sun Never Sets was still shallow.

The tournament was not about a single persons strength, but the overall ability of the entire city.

The first battle between the four cities was the team battle.

Each city would have to send out a hundred men to compete on stage.

“City Lord, well be going first.” Du Lang suddenly stood up.

They would be the vanguard for this match.

Du Lang was under a lot of psychological pressure.

Even though he was confident in his mercenaries, the opponents strength was too unfathomable.

“Go ahead.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and nodded.

Du Lang immediately led the remaining ninety-nine men to the stadium.

The format of the team battle was to draw lots to decide on a one-on-one match.

The teams in each city would fight one round, and the finals would be carried out by the two teams that won.

She did not know if she should say that Du Lang was lucky to have drawn the team from Fantasy Devil City in the first draw.

Compared to Twilight City and Blizzard City, the team from Fantasy Devil City was clearly weaker.

The first match would be between Sun Never Sets and Fantasy City, and the second match would be between Blizzard City and Twilight City.

In terms of strength, Sun Never Sets could be said to be weak in the team battle.

Even though the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was rather powerful, they were not considered a top mercenary group.

After the city was built, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had been extremely busy for the past half a year so they did not have much time to train.

Even if Shen Yanxiao had prepared potions to increase their battle aura and magic, their strength did not increase much compared to when they first arrived.

Even though Fantasy Devil City was the weakest among the other three cities, they were still elites that Geng Di had carefully selected.

Coupled with his fathers position in the Blue Moon Dynasty, there were many powerful men under him.

His men were definitely stronger than those mercenaries from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Even though the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was one of the top mercenary groups in Black City, if they were to consider their strength on a national level, they would probably not be near the top.

However, what they had to face today was an elite team from another country.

This kind of battle was a huge challenge for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Shen Yanxiao sat on the spectator stand and looked at Du Lang who stood in the arena with a solemn expression.

She could tell that Du Lang was nervous and so were the people behind him.

It was rather strenuous for them to deal with their opponents, but Shen Yanxiao did not have any choice in the matter.

She would never forfeit the team battle.

If she surrendered without a fight, it would be her dignity that was lost, not the battle.

After drawing lots and arranging the process, the teams from Blizzard City and Fantasy Devil City withdrew from the stadium one after another, leaving the stage to Sun Never Sets and Fantasy Devil City.

A huge square stage appeared in everyones line of sight, and it was large enough to accommodate two hundred participants.

The winner of the team battle would depend on which team could stand the longest on stage.

In other words, as long as they could knock all their opponents off the stage, they would win.

The seemingly huge stage not only had to accommodate the two hundred participants, but also their magical beasts!

The moment the two teams stepped onto the stage, they summoned their magical beasts.

For a moment, roars of tigers and lions resounded throughout the entire venue.

The entire stage became crowded in an instant and the space for them to display their strength became increasingly narrow.

However, the moment the teams from Sun Never Sets and Fantasy Devil City summoned their magical beasts, there was an uproar in the venue.

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