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Chapter 1009: Seventh Day of the Seventh Month (3)

The moment both sides revealed their beasts, the disparity between them was obvious.

The highest level magical beast in Sun Never Setss team was only a sixth-ranked intermediate-level magical beast under Du Langs command.

The six wolves only had a fifth-ranked magical beast, and only a few mercenaries had a fourth-ranked intermediate-level magical beast.

As for the majority, they only had a second or third-ranked low-level magical beast!

What was even more unbelievable was that there were some who had no magical beasts!

It was almost inconceivable for a low-level magical beast to appear in a tournament that was similar to a national war.

However, Sun Never Setss team mainly consisted of low-level magical beasts.

However, the scene at Fantasy Devil Citys side was completely different from Du Lang and the rest.

The ten people in the lead each had a high-level magical beast while the rest all had mid-level magical beasts.

There was not even a shadow of a low-level magical beast.

The rank of a magical beast would result in a huge disparity in size and aura.

Du Langs magical beast was a sixth-ranked Lion Tiger that was twice the size of ordinary tigers.

However, when compared to the high-level magical beasts of the ten leaders, his Lion Tiger was like a malnourished sick cat.

On one side was a tall and mighty army of high-level magical beasts, while on the other side, it was mainly low-level magical beasts…

The difference between the two sides was obvious.

The moment the magical beasts on both sides appeared, waves of mocking laughter immediately sounded.

“Haha, thats the team from Sun Never Sets Am I seeing things My eyes are filled with low-level magical beasts.

What is their City Lord thinking by sending a group of shrimps to fight”

“I thought that Shen Yanxiao dared to be so arrogant because she had some trump cards in her hands.

In the end, she brought along a team of low-level magical beasts.

How are they supposed to compete Stop joking.

Theres no need for everyone from Fantasy Devil Citys side to rush forward.

As long as those ten high-level magical beasts take charge, I reckon Sun Never Sets will not be able to withstand it.”

“Im dying of laughter.

Does Shen Yanxiao think this is a game Low-level magical beasts… Haha, its been years since Ive seen a low-level magical beast in the tournament.”

“Thats possible.

Isnt Shen Yanxiao only fourteen years old Isnt she just a little kid”

Almost all the noise in the venue was directed at Sun Never Sets.

When Long Fei saw the scene before him, he could not help but frown.

“Head, whats going on in Sun Never Sets” Qin Qiong, who was seated beside Long Fei, looked at the stage with surprise.

He could tell that most of them were mercenaries and their strength was pretty good.

However, they could only be ranked among ordinary mercenary groups.

It was nearly impossible for such a mercenary group to appear in such a high-stakes tournament.

Long Fei shook his head.

He did not know what was going on in Sun Never Sets.

He had a good relationship with Shen Yanxiao, and he knew that she was very powerful, but…

No matter how they looked at it, the strength of her team could only be compared to a weak team from the Blizzard Mercenary Group.

It was impossible for them to win the battle with such weak men.

“How are they supposed to fight” Wu Run felt like vomiting blood.

Just by looking at the strength of the magical beasts on both sides, the outcome was already set in stone.

“I dont know.

Maybe Shen Yanxiao has other plans.” Long Fei frowned.

He could not understand why Shen Yanxiao would send such a weak team to participate in the tournament.

Was she not intending to win the first battle

Long Fei, who lorded over hundreds of thousands of mercenaries, could not understand the troubles Shen Yanxiao had with her lack of manpower.

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