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Chapter 1012: Glory Is My Life (2)

“Interrupt that magus!” Everyone from Fantasy Devil Citys side immediately shouted, and all their magical beasts began to dash toward Magical Wolf.

However, the seven intermediate-level magical beasts led by Du Langs Lion Tiger blocked all the incoming attacks.

The seven strongest magical beasts of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was the last line of defense.

At that very moment, the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group also started to pester their opponent as if they had gone crazy.

If not, their opponents would have been able to approach Magic Wolf.

Ten high-level magical beasts were blocked by a hundred low-level magical beasts.

No matter how powerful they were, they could not clear a path in such a short time.

The archers from Fantasy Devil City immediately launched their arrows at Magic Wolf.

Sleep Wolf, who was guarding at the back, raised his hand and put down a huge light shield to protect Magic Wolf.

After a short fifteen seconds, Magic Wolf finally chanted the last word.

The next second, a huge flame rushed towards the man who was blocked by Du Lang and the rest.

Du Lang, Evil Wolf, and Gray Wolf retreated a second before the flames could reach them.

Soon after, the so-called elite was sent flying by the flames, becoming the first person to be thrown off the stage.

As he fell off the stage, his magical beast was also automatically ejected from the stage.

Of the ten high-level magical beasts, there were only nine left.

The seven wolves perfect display of teamwork attracted gasps of surprise in the stadium.

No one expected that the first one to fall off the stage would be from Fantasy Devil City.

Everyone found it hard to believe.

However, only Du Lang and the rest knew how much they had sacrificed for that slight victory.

In less than a minute, more than half of their low-level magical beasts had been killed or injured.

“Next!” Du Lang immediately found their next target.

Every time the seven wolves attacked, they did not make any mistakes.

One by one, those with high-level magical beasts were pushed off the stage.

The number of high-level magical beasts on the stage slowly decreased.

However, fifty to sixty magical beasts from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups side had already fallen.

Blood stained the stage, and the deaths of their magical beast aroused the madness of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group members.

They could only look on helplessly as their magical beast died on the battlefield.

Their eyes were red as they fought against the enemy before them.

Du Lang had launched an attack on the people of Fantasy Devil City in a self-destructive manner.

However, the magical beasts under their command slowly dwindled and their seven intermediate-level magical beasts were on the verge of collapsing under the bite of the magical beasts.

Countless wounds surfaced on Du Langs back.

His pale bones were exposed to the air.

Yet, he did not take a single step away from Magic Wolf.

After the seventh high-level magical beast was expelled off the stage, all the low-level magical beasts of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had finally perished in battle.

The stage was littered with the corpses of magical beasts.

The seven intermediate-level magical beasts could not even stand on their feet as their blood stained the ground beneath them.

Be it the seven wolves or the other members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, all of them were covered in blood.

Only Magic Wolf was intact under everyones protection.

However, the constant chants of advanced magic had depleted his magic.

His fingers holding the staff had turned pale as it trembled.

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