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Chapter 1014: Glory Is My Life (4)

“In this tournament, regardless of whether you wish to continue or not, you have no choice but to continue.

If you lose, others will have the right to carve up a part of the eastern region.

Only by winning will you have the qualifications to speak in the Forsaken Land.” The smile on Qi Xias face faded and his eyes flickered with seriousness.

Sometimes, those who achieve great things must be ruthless.

In this aspect, Shen Yanxiao was still not ruthless enough.

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth and looked at Du Lang and the rest on the stage as her heart burned with anxiety.

“Hes right.

Your actions are an insult to those who work for you.” Xius voice sounded at that moment.

He sensed the huge fluctuation in Shen Yanxiaos heart.

He knew that this little girl was undergoing a spiritual transformation.

If she could not steel her heart now, she could still become a city lord that everyone respected, but she would never ascend to the peak.

If she could settle her inner turmoil, then she would undergo a true transformation.

She just did not want the people around her to die.

Was that wrong Shen Yanxiao bit her lips.

Qi Xia and Xiu strongly opposed her actions so her mind was buzzing.

Thats right.

In her previous life, she was merely a godly thief.

She lived and died alone.

She only had a few friends by her side.

She was free and unfettered.

Even if she was restricted by an organization, she could still do whatever she wanted.

But now, her identity was different.

She was the City Lord of Sun Never Sets; the future Lord of the Eastern Region of the Forsaken Land.

She had to care about everyones interests, not what was in front of her.

Shen Yanxiao understood the big picture, the schemes, and plots, but she also paid great attention to the life and death of the people around her.

Regardless of cruelty or benevolence, those who had achieved success would have to experience a series of battles.

All their status and power were built on top of a mountain of bones.

A moment of softheartedness could very possibly bring about a collapse of prosperity.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

She took a deep breath and sat down without a word.

Her ridiculous soft-heartedness had forgotten the glory that belonged to Du Lang and the rest.

They were not only fighting for her, but also for their homes.

If she were to ask them to give up the tournament right now, she would probably humiliate them just like what Xiu said.

After Shen Yanxiao resolved her inner demons, Qi Xia finally relaxed.

Xiu remained silent, but he knew that the removal of her inner demon would allow Shen Yanxiao to ascend another level in her future path.

From a mere city lord to the entire continent…

The fight on the stage continued.

Du Lang and the rest exerted their last ounce of strength and finally chased the last high-level magical beast off the stage.

However, there were still many intermediate-level magical beasts and their owners on the stage.

Looking at the whole situation, they were tethering at the edge of defeat.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group fought with the mindset of pulling one with them.

They hugged their opponent tightly and leaped off the stage.

There were fewer and fewer people on the stage.

Magic Wolf had exhausted his magic and could only cast low-level magic.

Sleep Wolf was also riddled with scars in order to protect Magic Wolf.

He had used all his light shields on Magic Wolf while he was exposed to the enemys butcher knife.

The seven wolves were out of gas, and the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group suffered heavy losses.

The number of people on both sides gradually decreased and in the end, only twenty plus people remained.

The seven wolves no longer had the strength to continue fighting.

The twenty plus opponents were glaring at them like tigers eyeing their prey, and their magical beasts were already pouncing on them.

Just as Du Lang was in despair, the dozens of silhouettes following behind them suddenly dashed towards the people from Fantasy Devil City.

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