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Shen Yanxiao was secretly surprised with that piece of information.

What did Tang Nazhi say She knew Qi Xias identity, but could the other two students be from the other five great aristocratic families as well

When Qi Xias gaze swept across Shen Yanxiao who stood by Tang Nazhis side, he was slightly surprised.

Then, he smiled at her before he looked at Tang Nazhi.

“Tang Nazhi of the Black Tortoise Family” Qi Xia quirked his eyebrows and laughed.

“Oh, so you have finally managed to enter the Herbalist Division this year It seems like your luck is pretty good.

Since you have been lucky, do you want to join us and try your luck”

Qi Xias voice had a trace of indifference, but anyone could sense the provocation in his tone.

Even though the five great families looked harmonious with one another on the surface, their relationships were actually akin to surging waves, and it was a non-secret that the entire empire knew.

A scene with Qilin Familys young master versus Black Tortoise Familys young master was what everyone wanted to see.

Naturally, the spectators were curious as to what would spark between them.

“Why not” Tang Nazhi sneered.

He pulled out a chair and then sat down at the table.

“Oh Then I hope the capital that you have brought with you is sufficient.” Qi Xia raised his chin slightly, like an arrogant cat.

Tang Nazhi snorted.

“Rest assured that it is enough.

Even though the Black Tortoise Family is not as wealthy as the Qilin Family, I can still afford this small amount.” As he spoke, Tang Nazhi opened several high-grade interspatial rings that he had on his fingers, and bright and dazzling gold coins poured down onto the table in an endless stream.

In the blink of an eye, the money that Tang Nazhi had in front of him was no less than the other three.

The wealthy five great aristocratic families of Longxuan Empire had always been a topic that everyone liked to talk about.

The moment the four of them went out, the amount of money piled up in front of them was enough to buy a small city.

Four golden hills were placed on the gambling table.

Even the banker of the casino was dumbstruck, let alone the students that stood at the side.

Tycoons! Those four lads were tycoons in the flesh!

Tang Nazhis participation caused the tense atmosphere to become even more intense.

Shen Yanxiao sensibly hid among the crowd as she did not want to be too ostentatious.

At the same time, she heard no lack of information related to those fewtycoons on the table.

“Oh my, what a rare sight.

Other than Shen Yifeng of the Vermilion Bird Family, the other four families influential youths have all gathered together.”

“Exactly! I heard that even the low-profile young master Yan Yu of the White Tiger Family has also appeared.

He had only entered the Priest Division for a year, but he already managed to snatch the number one position.

Right now, he is the most highly regarded student by the teachers.”

“I am sure you know Yang Xi of the Azure Dragon Family.

I heard this from someone from the Knight Division that he had dueled with the strongest third-year student before he went home in the previous semester to remain at the number one position.”

“Your news is too incomplete.

Not only Yan Yu and Yang Xi but the third young master of the Qilin Family, Qi Xia, had also already defeated the top student of the Magus Division the second day he enrolled!”

“Are all the people from the five great families this crazy! Do they specialize in torturing our mental state”

“Too savage, they are absolutely too savage! With those crazy people as a benchmark, how are we to survive in the academy Right now, other than the Swordsman Division and the Warlock Division, the other divisions had been occupied by the five great families!”

“We still dont know when that crazy guy from the Swordsman Division would return.

Are there still people left in the Black Magician Division They are already extinct!”

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