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Chapter 1022: Plan to Catch Magical Beasts (3)

Shen Yanxiao said, “No, we will forfeit the final.”

The seven wolves were still in a coma, and it was still unknown if they could wake up before the final started.

Even with her potions and Yan Yus healing skills, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group would not be able to recover their strength in such a short time.

If they were to fight again, they would be sending themselves to their deaths.

Qi Xia did not object this time.

At night, Yan Yu finally finished healing up everyone.

Although there were priests in Twilight City, their skills couldnt be compared to his.

Yan Yu had been promoted to a Priest after his second class promotion, making his healing skills more effective than all the professions below second class promotion.

It was also because of him that Shen Yanxiao did not worry about anyone dying.

“Hows the situation” Just as Yan Yu walked into the hall, Shen Yanxiao pulled over a chair for him to sit down.

Tang Nazhi considerately poured a cup of water for Yan Yu.

There was a gentle smile on Yan Yus fair face.

“Dont worry, its nothing serious.

The seven wolves injuries are the most severe but they have now stabilized.

However, their battle aura and magic have been exhausted and their mental energy has also been greatly depleted.

Coupled with excessive blood loss and physical exhaustion, they will be in a coma for a long time.

There wont be any problems if they recuperate well for a period of time.”

“Good.” Shen Yanxiao finally relaxed.

“Are you going to watch the fight between Twilight City and Blizzard City tomorrow” Tang Nazhi asked.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

“Just go without me and tell me the results when you come back.” It did not matter if she watched or not.

All she wanted to do was to stay at home and wait for Du Lang and the rest to wake up.

In any case, she only needed to send someone to watch the fight and inform her when they returned.

Everyone was exhausted.

Shen Yanxiao asked the doctors from Twilight City to stay while the rest of the people from Sun Never Sets took turns to keep watch and take care of the wounded.

The next morning, Nangong Mengmeng and Tang Nazhi went to the venue to spectate the subsequent round.

Twilight City was the previous winner, while Blizzard City was most known to be the most powerful of the four cities.

It was only because of Long Feis absence that they had lost the previous tournament.

Todays battle was a real fight between dragons and tigers.

Even though the battle between Sun Never Sets and Fantasy Devil City was intense, their strength was not the best.

On the other hand, the eventual confrontation between Twilight City and Blizzard City was making the spectators blood boil as they squeezed into the venue early in the morning.

Shen Yanxiao sat in her room while Vermilion Bird played with Mini Dragon and Little Phoenix.

She closed her eyes to train her battle aura and magic.

After the team battle, it was the battle between the four city lords.

Shen Yanxiao did not want to waste any time and thus, trained harder.

Xiu continued guiding her in actual combat, making Shen Yanxiao feel more confident.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had worked so hard, so how could she possibly lose to them

If she were to lose, wouldnt they have let down the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups expectations

It was not until dusk that Nangong Mengmeng and Tang Nazhi rushed back from the tournament venue.

The moment they returned to the building, the two of them greeted everyone.

“Exciting! Its really exciting! I didnt expect Team Twilight City to be so powerful.” Tang Nazhi stroked his chin as if he had not had enough and was still reminiscing about todays match.

“Team Blizzard City is also very powerful.

Their cooperation is impeccable.” Nangong Mengmeng was more biased towards Blizzard City, which had a close relationship with Shen Yanxiao.

The attention of everyone was attracted to the two of them.

Each of them carried a small stool and waited for them to describe the foght.

Even Shen Yanxiao was called down.

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