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Chapter 1027: Lets See Whos More Shameless (4)

Early in the morning the next day, the tournament venue was crowded with spectators.

No one wanted to miss the most exciting battle.

It was so full that seats allocated to the spectators were just not enough.

In the crowd, there were a lot of people squeezing themselves into one seat.

In the end, the number of spectators in the venue had reached an astonishing number.

There were also a large number of spectators standing outside the venue, eagerly looking for any opportunities to enter.

This battle could be said to be the most important of the three battles.

The strength of the city lord represented the highest level of strength in a city.

The strength of the city lord would determine the result of the tournament.

Blizzard City had won the first battle.

If Long Fei were to win again, they would automatically win.

Before this match, everyone had already inquired about the strength of the four City Lords.

In terms of personal strength, Long Fei, who was a Second-Class Swordmaster, was ranked first.

Shen Yanxiao, who had just broken through to a Summoner, was ranked second.

Duan Hen, who was a talented Advanced-level Professional, was ranked third.

As for Geng Di, who only had the strength of an Advanced-level Professional, was ranked last.

However, magical beasts could be used in this competition.

About mythical beasts, Duan Hens Redflame Beast and Shen Yanxiaos Vermilion Bird were both mythical beasts of the same level so the difference in strength was probably not huge.

Long Fei and Geng Dis magical beasts were only high-level magical beasts, causing them to be at a disadvantage in this aspect.

However, they did not know where the news came from.

It was said that Shen Yanxiaos Vermilion Bird had been injured in its early years.

Even though it was stronger than a high-level magical beast, it could not compare to the Redflame Beast who was at his peak.

As such, the probability of Duan Hen winning was the highest.

Everyone knew that Shen Yanxiaos profession was a Warlock, and a Warlock would become a Summoner after their second class promotion.

However, Warlocks had disappeared from the Brilliance Continent for a long time, and many people were unaware of their skills, let alone a Summoner.

Many people were curious if a Summoner could summon a Phantom Beast from another world, and if they could, what was the rank of the Phantom Beast

It was said that a Summoner had to be extremely powerful if they wanted to summon a powerful magical beast.

However, Shen Yanxiao had just become a Second-Class Expert so she probably could not summon any powerful magical beast.

Vermilion Birds strength could not be compared to the Redflame Beast.

Even though Duan Hens personal strength was lower than Shen Yanxiao, when taking mythical beasts into account, the strength of humans could be overlooked.

Furthermore, Duan Hen was a Great Archer so he must have the advantage in terms of their effective range.

As long as Shen Yanxiao did not get close, there was basically no danger.

Instead, he could use the Redflame Beast to launch long-range attacks at Shen Yanxiao.

The spectators analyzed the situation logically.

In the end, they were from Twilight City, so they were naturally inclined towards Duan Hen.

As for Long Fei, he was considered the most outstanding among the four of them.

However, he losts in terms of magical beasts.

The difference between a high-level magical beast and a mythical beast would erase any advantage he had.

Geng Di was even more pitiful as he was directly neglected by everyone.

In any case, for others, Fantasy Devil City led by Geng Di had never obtained any good results in the battle.

Therefore, people had subconsciously categorized him as a cannon fodder.

Overall, Duan Hens chances of winning was the highest, followed by Shen Yanxiao, then Long Fei before finally Geng Di.

In the fight between Shen Yanxiao and Duan Hen, the result would depend if Shen Yanxiao could summon any powerful phantom beasts.

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