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Chapter 1034: Unilateral Beating (3)

Even though it was just a slap, the strength behind each slap was not weak at all.

With every slap, the bright red handprint could be seen getting brighter and brighter.

Not long after, Geng Di was seen vomiting blood with his face swelling up like a pigs head.

What made him even more depressed was that even if he was struck until he saw stars, he could not cry out nor escape.

He could only obediently stand on the spot and get beaten up.

This unilateral beating was simply unbearable.

Not only did his face hurt as if it was on fire, but his heart was also filled with grievance and shame.

As a royal of the Blue Moon Dynasty, when had Geng Di ever received such treatment He wished he could just faint already.

However, even though Shen Yanxiaos slap was heavy, it was not to the extent of causing him to faint.

She made good use of her strength, as she kept Geng Di from fainting even if he suffered hundreds of slaps.

“Does Shen Yanxiao have a deep grudge against Geng Di This is too cruel.” The onlookers could not bear to see a City Lord getting slapped in front of so many people.

It was too embarrassing.

“I heard that when Sun Never Sets was about to be built, Geng Di seemed to have gone to find trouble with Shen Yanxiao and caused her subordinates to be injured.” A certain well-informed spectator immediately revealed his gossiping skills.

“Isnt that more than half a year ago Dont tell me Shen Yanxiao still remembers”

“Isnt that obvious Even I feel pain in my cheeks just looking at those slaps.”

“Thats true.

Moreover, in the last battle, Team Fantasy Devil City severely injured Team Sun Never Sets.

I reckon Shen Yanxiao is avenging her subordinates.”

Many people had guessed that Shen Yanxiao and Geng Di had a grudge between them.

Otherwise, she would not have humiliated Geng Di like that.

Killing someone was as simple as nodding ones head, but Shen Yanxiao was doing something much crueler than killing Geng Di.

She wanted him to be humiliated while beating him up righteously.

She wanted him to swallow any grievances he had.

Torture and heartache, so savage!

Everyone silently warned in their hearts not to provoke this city lord who bore grudges.

Otherwise, they might be slapped one day.

However, there were also a group of people who felt that Shen Yanxiao was a good City Lord.

She would stand up for her subordinates if her subordinates suffered a loss.

In a sense, it was much safer to follow such a City Lord.

However, no matter what they thought, everyone had realized that Shen Yanxiao was an extremely protective person who remembered grudges.

Elder Wen sat on the outskirts and his lips twitched as he looked at Geng Di who was beaten by Shen Yanxiao without the ability to fight back.

Even though he also intended to plot against Geng Di and use him as cannon fodder, Twilight City and Fantasy Devil City could be considered as allies on the surface.

Naturally, he would not feel happy when he saw his ally getting humiliated by someone he loathed.

“This Shen Yanxiao is simply too hateful.

Why does she have to humiliate people in such a manner!” Elder Wen angrily said.

Duan Hens fight was on the second day and so he was currently seated by Elder Wens side as he listened to the grumblings of an old man.

Duan Hen did not speak, but his eyes were fixed on Shen Yanxiao who was happily releasing her frustration, while a trace of envy and admiration secretly flashed past his eyes.

Even though Shen Yanxiao was young, she was smart.

She knew that she could openly teach Geng Di a lesson at this point in time and no one could complain.

He… was honestly envious of such a free life.

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