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Chapter 1069: Mummy, Theres a Crowd of Perverts Here! (1)

“We dont have to worry about that.

The organizers will think of ways to deal with it.” Shen Yanxiao slowly drank her punishment wine.

She was not worried about that at all.

She and Long Fei had won a battle each, but Twilight City did not have any win yet.

If the next battle could not be “properly” arranged, Elder Wen would probably be furious.

Everyone in Sun Never Sets was happy, but in the City Lords Mansion of Twilight City, the atmosphere was gloomy.

No one knew where the Redflame Beast went after his defeat.

No matter how loud Duan Hen called for him, he would not appear.

Elder Wen had a gloomy expression.

At any moment, he could explode.

Some were happy while others were sad.

This was life…

After they ate and drank to their hearts content, everyone from Sun Never Sets finally returned to their accommodation with their arms around each others shoulders and fell asleep one by one.

Amid the thunderous snores, the night faded and day arrived.

That was the last segment of the tournament.

Be it Blizzard City or Sun Never Sets, as long as they could win the group battle, they would win the tournament.

For the victor, they would be legally allowed to siphon a large portion of the profits from the other three forces.

Just as Qi Xia expected, Twilight City did not withdraw from the competition.

Early in the morning, Elder Wen was already seated outside with a taut expression.

However, Duan Hen did not appear.

Everyone waited for the arrangement of the groups.

Everyone wanted to know how the three groups would compete.

However, when the schedule was arranged, the venue was in an uproar.

Twilight City had arranged for the battle to be split into two rounds.

The first round would be between Blizzard City and Sun Never Sets, and the winner would compete for the finals against the Group Twilight City.

That was to say, Group Twilight City skipped the preliminaries and entered the finals…

The arrangement this time was too shameless.

Anyone with discerning eyes could tell that the Twilight City had definitely made some underhanded moves.

Elder Wen wished for Group Blizzard City and Group Sun Never Sets to exhaust each other, while Group Twilight City watched from the sidelines

If it was said that Elder Wen had secretly tampered with the previous battle, then he had brazenly tampered with the rules of the group battle this time!

Even Qi Xia, who was as crafty as a fox, could not help but sigh at Elder Wens shamelessness.

His skin was really thick, and it was evident that he was relying on his power as the organizer to make things easier for his side.

Shameless, too shameless.

Furthermore, he was shameless to the extent that he did not require any skills.

It made people speechless.

As soon as the schedule was out, those coming from Blizzard City and Sun Never Sets immediately went into an uproar.

On the other hand, those busybody spectators were silent.

What a joke.

No matter what, they were citizens of Twilight City, meaning there was no reason why they had to speak up for outsiders.

Even though they felt that Elder Wen was being too obvious, they had chosen to overlook this shamelessness in order for Twilight City to win.

In the stands, there were about in total 300 people from Blizzard City and Sun Never Sets.

Compared to the locals of Twilight City, their indignant voices did not have much effect.

As long as Blizzard City and Sun Never Sets protested, the citizens of Twilight City would look at them with contempt.

It was as if it was only right for the City Lord of the Twilight City to play tricks.

To them, Blizzard City and Sun Never Sets indignant cries were embarrassing.

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