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Chapter 1073: Impressive-looking But Useless (2)

The moment the fight started, the ten participants from Blizzard City immediately summoned their magical beasts.

All of them were elites selected from the Blizzard Mercenary Group, and their magical beasts were all high-level magical beasts.

With ten Advanced-level Professionals and ten high-level magical beasts, it was a spectacular lineup.

Even though mythical beasts were powerful, they were not cabbages that could be found everywhere.

High-level magical beasts were already considered pretty good.

Blizzard City was ready, but the six people from Sun Never Sets were not doing anything.

The five handsome youths stood rooted on the spot with smiles on their faces.

They did not even have the slightest intention to summon their magical beast.

“What are they doing” Many people did not guess their intentions.

Qi Xia and the others did not summon their magical beasts.

Qin Qiong and Wu Run already had the mentality ofdont lose too badly.

They were also vexed that they could not wait for their opponents to summon their magical beasts.

“Erm, Third Young Master Qi Arent you going to summon your magical beast” Wu Run looked at Qi Xia politely and kindly reminded them to summon their magical beasts.

If they did not summon their magical beasts, wouldnt their plan be ruined They did not believe that their high-level magical beasts would be their opponents.

At the very least, you should release two of your magical beasts to go through the motions.

Dont let us get beaten up too badly!

Wu Run was roaring internally, but there was a friendly smile on his face.

“No need, this will do.” Qi Xia smiled and spread out his hands.

“…” The participants from Blizzard City were speechless.

The six of them did not intend to summon their magical beasts!

“This isnt appropriate, right We are allowed to summon magical beasts in this fight.

Why dont you summon at least two” To the spectators, Wu Run was putting on an expression that said, “Im doing this for your own good, so you better hurry up and submit.” He was eagerly waiting for his magical beast to start a friendly fight with the magical beasts in Sun Never Sets.


The Five Beasts did not have such intentions.

“Theres no need for that, Deputy Head Wu.

Lets begin.” The Five Beasts had made up their minds.

They would never allow their magical beasts to snatch their fun.

Since Qi Xia had already said that, Wu Run and the rest could only brace themselves.

Even though they knew that the opponents strength had exceeded their limits, Wu Run and Qin Qiong had no choice but to attack Qi Xia and the rest with their high-level magical beasts!

Outside the stage, everyone was surprised by the six youths actions.

They did not summon their magical beasts in such a battle They wondered if they were too arrogant or ignorant.

“The heavens are fair.

They gave them looks but not brains.

A group of embroidered pillows, only good looking but useless! Id like to see if they can withstand the rampage of ten high-level magical beasts.” A busybody snorted with disdain.

He wished he could see Qi Xia and the rest getting beaten up to the extent they were looking for their teeth.

However, only Wu Run and the rest who stood on the stage knew that the six of them would not have any problems facing their magical beast.

Ten high-level magical beasts roared and pounced towards the six youths.

They were as aggressive as wild beasts as if they would tear their targets into pieces the very next second.

At this moment, Yan Yu curled his lips and closed his palms together while chanting an obscure incantation.

The next second, his palms intersected with each other and a silver light radiated where his palms passed.

A small totem the length of an arm suddenly floated in the air.

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