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Chapter 1074: Impressive-looking But Useless (3)

A totem was a weapon used by priests after they underwent their second class promotion.

A totem of different attributes could bring about entirely different effects and when combined together, it could release unimaginable power.

When Yan Yu summoned his totem, everyone was stunned.

“What the f*ck! That kid is a Second-Class Priest!!” Screams of disbelief sounded from the crowd.

Priests were the weakest among the six professions.

However, after a priest successfully broke through to the second class promotion, they would change from an auxiliary profession to an auxiliary profession that could assist in attacking.

While the totem used by priests was used to protect themselves and their teammates, it could also attack the enemy.

The effect would not be inferior to the magic arrays set up by a magus.

“How is that possible It has been hundreds of years since a Second-Class Priest appeared in the Brilliance Continent.

How could he be a Second-Class Priest!” Everyone could not believe their eyes.

The weakness of a priests profession was their weak offensive strength, and this was something that had also caused many priests to advance at a slow pace.

Furthermore, a priests second class promotion was equivalent to usurping the weakness of a priests profession.

From a support class to an offensive class, the difficulty could be imagined.

Priest was the slowest to break through to the second class promotion among the six professions.

Even in the Brilliance Continent, it had been a long time since a priest had reached that level.

But right now, there was a living Second-Class Priest standing in front of them.

What was even more disgusting was that the priest was not even that old…

Among the crowd, those who were a priest wished they could knock themselves to death after Yan Yu revealed his true strength.

They had painstakingly trained for dozens of years, but they were inferior to a young man.

They simply had no face to face their parents!

Yan YU quickly placed the totem in front of them, and a translucent blue protective barrier immediately appeared on the stage.

Compared to a priests light barrier, the protective barrier created by the totem could not only block attacks, but it could also severely injure enemies who attempted to break the protective barrier.

Just as the ten high-level magical beasts reached the protective barrier, they were immediately struck by lightning.

The acute pain forced them to retreat.

Everyone was speechless.

Who could break the barrier laid down by a Second-Class Priest

“Mengmeng, you stay here.

Lets go and exercise.” The Five Beasts were eager to try.

The barrier Yan Yu had laid was not to protect them, but to protect Shen Yanxiaos little student, Nangong Mengmeng.

“Ah But…” Nangong Mengmeng wanted to protest, but she could only look on helplessly as the Five Beasts dashed out of the barrier.

For a moment, lightning flashed and thunder roared.

The Five Beasts attacked those ten magical beasts at the same time.

At that moment, the entire venue was in an uproar.

When the spectators noticed the Five Beasts attacking, they finally realized their foolishness.

“Holy Strike! F*ck, that young man is a Second-Class Saint Knight!”

“The f*ck, a Second-Class Archer that can use the Magic Piercing Arrow at the age of 16 or 171!”

“Quick, look! Magic Missile! The magic of a Second-Class Magus!”

“Whos going to pinch me This isnt real! That kid actually used the destruction slash of a Second-Class Expert!”

After Yan Yus strength was exposed, Yang Xi, Qi Xia, Li Xiaowei and Tang Nazhi revealed their true abilities one after another.

The five experts of the second class profession instantly quelled everyones doubts of their strength.

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