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Chapter 1075: Impressive-looking But Useless (4)

The fight was definitely a feast for the eyes.

The dazzling attacks of the second class experts radiated a resplendent light in the center of the venue.

In the face of five Second-Class experts, the ten high-level magical beasts were like harmless rabbits.

What was even more terrifying was that the five of them had reached an extreme level of tacit understanding with each other.

No one could find any opportunity to take advantage of them.

Even the well-trained members of the Blizzard Mercenary Group could not help but admire their perfect teamwork.

There was no need to say anything.

With just a single glance, they could understand each others intentions.

They would cooperate perfectly at the most accurate time and launch a gorgeous attack.

From the moment the Five Beasts started their offense to the end of the battle, only three minutes went by.

Ten high-level magical beasts had been pushed out of the stage by their combined strength.

At that moment, no one dared to speak a single word against them.

All of them shrunk their necks and stared at those incredulous youths with fear.

Five 16 to 17-year-old Second-Class Experts

That was simply the most unbelievable thing, and all these super geniuses belonged to Sun Never Sets! They belonged to Shen Yanxiao, that genius!

Ten high-level magical beasts were instantly eliminated and Qin Qiong and the rest who stood on the other end of the stage subconsciously swallowed their saliva.

Savage! Too savage!

They had pushed out ten high-level magical beasts in three minutes.

How were they supposed to fight

“Haha… Third Young Master Qi and these friends here are indeed powerful.

We concede the fight.

You have won this round.” Qin Qiong decisively admitted defeat, not giving the Five Beasts a chance to fight.

Stop with the jokes.

Even a powerful magical beast could not withstand the attacks of these five abnormal people, not to mention usfragile Advanced-level Professionals.

Therefore, Qin Qiong neatly admitted defeat!


Now, it was their turn to be depressed.

They had just started their fun.

They did not even have the chance to warm up before they were… finished

“The green hills will never change, and the water will always flow.

We will return another day!!!” Qin Qiong saw the disappointment in the Five Beasts eyes and immediately called for the other nine participants from Blizzard City to jump down from the stage without stopping.

The expressions of those five perverts were so terrifying.

If they were a little late, they might have been reduced to a joke like their magical beasts.

A wise man submits to circumstances!

Blizzard Citys swift surrender caused a moment of silence in the venue.

Many people secretly despised Qin Qiong and his men for being too timid.

If they were to admit defeat just like that, they should at least fight them!

However, no one was stupid enough to believe that ten Advanced-level Professionals could contend against five Second-Class Experts.

“Were we… too heavy-handed” Li Xiaoweis lips twitched as he looked at the departing silhouettes of the ten participants from Blizzard City.

It was as if someone was chasing them from behind.

Tang Nazhi felt wronged.

“I didnt hit them hard.

I didnt even manage to hit their magical beasts with the two Shatter Cut earlier on.

I merely chopped them up and pushed them away with my sword aura.” Blizzard City and Sun Never Sets had a good relationship.

He would not abuse his allies magical beasts in a tournament.

He was a friendly person.

“Same goes for me.” Yang Xi touched his nose.

He only raised his shield and knocked against the magical beasts twice; he did not even used his sword.

“Then why did they…” Yan Yu pointed to the departing participants, who were about to disappear, and was speechless.

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