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Chapter 1085: Counter Soldiers with Arms (6)

Shen Yanxiao had saved Long Fei and Long Xueyao before, so Long Fei would never look on helplessly as Shen Yanxiao was killed in front of him.

Even though he feared the reputation of the Broken Star Palace, Long Fei had no choice but to stand out and explain for Shen Yanxiao.

However, Long Feis words did not ease the expressions of the people from the Broken Star Palace.

Instead, Luo Fan, who had been watching the show, suddenly said, “City Lord Long, you must be joking.

How could you not know the reputation of the Broken Star Palace Since Shen Yanxiao dared to kill Ruan Yingzhe that day, she must have already known of his background.

Otherwise, why would she not have any doubts after these seniors appeared She clearly knew what was going on, so why did you have to help her”

Long Fei glared at Luo Fan.

Luo Fans words had completely denied his explanation.

“City Lord Shen has yet to reach adulthood.

Even if she has heard of the Broken Star Palace, Im afraid she doesnt know much about it.

That must be why she has offended you.” Long Fei gnashed his teeth.

Luo Fan chuckled and provided a retort.

“City Lord Long, please dont use Shen Yanxiaos age as an explanation.

Dont forget the identity of this Shen Yanxiao in front of us.

She is the next Family Head of the Vermilion Bird Family in the Longxuan Empire and the City Lord of Sun Never Sets.

She broke through to the second class promotion at the age of fourteen.

Im afraid no one would believe that she is ignorant.

Shen Yanxiao is not an ignorant child.

Her achievements are beyond the reach of many geniuses.”

Luo Fan seemed to be praising Shen Yanxiao, but he had kicked Shen Yanxiao out from the wordsyoung and ignorant , indicating that she was talented and smart.

That was supposed to be a compliment, but right now, it was evidence that Shen Yanxiao had knowingly provoked the Broken Star Palace.

“You…” Long Fei was furious.

He knew that Luo Fan and Shen Yanxiao did not get along well, but he did not expect that he would hit her when she was down.

“Long Fei, on the account that your ancestors were on good terms with my Broken Star Palace, I will temporarily overlook the matter of your intrusion today.

You are dismissed.

You have no right to speak here.” The leader looked at Long Fei with contempt.

One of the five rulers of the God Wind Alliance, the City Lord of Blizzard City, was merely ants in the eyes of the Broken Star Palace.

Long Feis face turned pale.

He knew that his identity was insignificant in front of the Broken Star Palace.

However, he did not dare to retreat.

If he did, how could Shen Yanxiao defeat the nine people from the Broken Star Palace alone

“Brother Long, you may leave.” Shen Yanxiaos voice sounded from behind Long Fei.

Long Fei turned around and looked at Shen Yanxiao worriedly.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and shook her head.

“What happened today is a grudge between me and the Broken Star Palace.

Brother Long, please do not implicate yourself again.” Even after realizing the danger of the matter, Long Fei still chose to stick up for her.

This kindness, Shen Yanxiao had noted it down.

“But…” Long Fei wanted to say something else, but Shen Yanxiao had already stood up and walked to Long Feis side, pushing him aside.

Shen Yanxiao stood in front of everyone from the Broken Star Palace as Lan Fengli stood quietly by her side.

“The Broken Star Palace, once a sacred place for heroes, has now fallen to the extent of oppressing others with their power.

It is honestly a disgrace to the people of the Brilliance Continents admiration for you.” Shen Yanxiao sneered as she looked at the leader.

The Broken Star Palace had lost their former holiness and morality.

Right now, the people living in the Broken Star Palace were merely a group of self-righteous bandits.

Snatching someone elses battle aura and magic and using a strange Forbidden Skill to transfer it to oneself was inextricably linked to the Warlocks heinous past crimes.

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