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Chapter 1089: A Taste of Ones Own Medicine (2)

“Its such a pleasure to have friends come from afar.

Are you all here as guests” Qi Xia lazily propped his chin and looked at the 20 or so men standing in front of the door.

He had a smile on his lips, but the smile didnt reach his eyes.

The five members of Phantom were leisurely seated in front of everyone.

The sight caused the expert from the Broken Star Palace to be surprised.

They had already sensed that the five of them were at least at the second class promotion, especially the young man who spoke just now.

Among them, only Senior Brother Qian could detect his strength.

“I didnt expect that a small city like Sun Never Sets would have a Great Archmagus.” Senior Brother Qian saw through Qi Xias strength with a single glance and then looked at Qi Xias age.

He was only 16 to 17 years old, but his strength was already on par with him.

He could not help but be surprised.

He was already 50-years-old when he became a Great Archmagi.

Even so, he was already regarded as a genius rarely seen in a century.

Unexpectedly, the young man before him possessed even greater talent.

Even within the Broken Star Palace, there were only a few people with such talent.

Qi Xia smiled.

Senior Brother Qians heart skipped a beat.

The Broken Star Palace had always focused on absorbing human experts in the Brilliance Continent.

Right now, the strength of the five youths before him could be described as top-notch.

Even though he had heard that there were six Second-Class Experts in Sun Never Sets, he did not expect them to be so young.

They were still young, but their attainments were comparable to them.

If they were taught well, they would certainly have great achievements in the future.

Senior Brother Qian took a step forward and looked at the five beasts rather arrogantly.

“Your talents are pretty good, so why are you following Shen Yanxiao, that ignorant and incompetent vile character The Broken Star Palace has always cherished talents.

If you are willing to join the Broken Star Palace, you will certainly improve greatly.

Seeing your talents today, I cannot bear to ruin you.

If you abandon the dark and turn to the light, I can spare your lives today.”

Senior Brother Qian was not worried that Qi Xia and the rest would reject his offer.

Even though the strength of the five beasts was high, they were few in number and if they were to fight, they would not be their opponent.

Furthermore, the Broken Star Palaces reputation was so great that others would not be able to enter even if they were to squeeze their heads out.

Now that he had personally spoken, no one would reject his offer.

Qi Xia raised his eyebrows and looked at the other four.

“The Broken Star Palace… seems to be a powerful existence,” Qi Xia said with a faint smile.

Tang Nazhi nodded and said.

“Of course.

One of the two most powerful organizations in the Brilliance Continent.

It must be powerful.”

“You even invited us to join I suddenly feel that you have a lot of face.” Yang Xi pretended to sigh.

“Yes, I am honored.” Li Xiaowei smiled and said.

“My heart is racing.” Yan Yu covered his chest.

Senior Brother Qian revealed a smile.

Their main objective was to attack Shen Yanxiao.

Killing the people around her and recruiting the people around her would have the same effect.

The five youths before them had the qualifications to join the Broken Star Palace.

As for the others, they could just kill them.

“Since you have agreed, then you can officially join the Broken Star Palace as long as you kill everyone else in Sun Never Sets with us.” Senior Brother Qian acted as if he was showing mercy.

“Ha!” Tang Nazhi suddenly laughed.

Senior Brother Qian frowned.

Qi Xia lazily fiddled with the white jade bone fan in his hand and looked at everyone from the Broken Star Palace with a smile.

“I think you are mistaken.

We have joined Phantom, and we will never abandon it.”

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