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Chapter 1090: A Taste of Ones Own Medicine (3)

Senior Brother Qian did not expect that there would be someone who would refuse to join the Broken Star Palace, and the reason for his refusal was an organization he had never even heard of before.

“Phantom What kind of organization is that Ive never heard of it.

Who founded it” If there was any threat, they would eliminate it.

Qi Xia closed his fan with a smile and pointed to himself, Tang Nazhi and the rest in succession.

“Me, him, him, him, him, and Xiaoxiao.

The six of us formed it.

Why Is this brother interested in joining”

Senior Brother Qians expression instantly turned ashen.

Even an idiot like him could tell that Qi Xia was teasing him.

“How shameless of you! If not for your talents, I would have killed you.

Since you dont know whats good for you, I dont have to be polite with you!”

Qi Xia smiled and said, “Please dont be polite with us.

We like to be rude.”

Those from the Broken Star Palace were thoroughly enraged by Qi Xias words.

They had never seen such an arrogant junior!

“Kill them!” Senior Brother Qians expression darkened and immediately ordered his men to slaughter these reckless bastards.

24 Second-Class Experts rushed toward the Phantom members at practically the same time.

Realistically, it was practically impossible for the five Phantom members to contend against 24 Second-Class Experts.

Even if their strength were comparable, the difference in numbers was enough to erase everything.

“Bullying us with numbers Im so afraid.” Qi Xia chuckled.

The instant the people from the Broken Star Palace rushed into the building, the fan in his hand disappeared without a trace and a platinum staff suddenly appeared in his hand.

The next second, icicles fell from the sky, aiming towards the people from the Broken Star Palace.

“Blizzard” Senior Brother Qian looked at the advanced magic Qi Xia had cast in shock.

Both of them were Great Archmagi and he also knew this magic, but…

When he casted this magic, it would require at least two to three seconds of chanting time.

However, this young man had just waved his staff to cast such advanced magic…

Was he a pervert

The “Blizzard” spell did not inflict much damage, but it had a powerful slowing effect.

The falling ice turned into snow.

Even though it did not hurt the people from the Broken Star Palace, all of them felt as if there was some kind of adhesive force under their feet that slowed their movements.

Yang Xi held onto his heavy shield and sharp sword at that moment.

In an instant, his figure turned into a streak of silver light, similar to a sharp blade as he dashed towards those from the Broken Star Palace who were covered by the rain of ice and snow.

At the same time, Yan Yu threw out seven totems, casting an extremely powerful “Shield of Light” on Yang Xi.

“Glory Blast!” Accompanied by Yang Xis roar, he was similar to a ferocious beast as he dashed into the enemy lines.

In an instant, several Second-Class Archmagi with weak defenses were sent flying by his crash.

The Paladins and Swordsmen who were stunned on one side immediately dashed towards Yang Xi.

It would definitely be a devastating blow if he were able to reach their Magi and Priests, with his thick, rough skin.

However, just as they were about to approach Yang Xi, an explosive sword aura directly cut open a long crack in front of them.

Tang Nazhis huge sword hacked into the ground, tearing it apart as his unrestrained face revealed an extremely excited and crazy smile.

Just as the Archers wanted to release their arrows, Qi Xias magic bullets immediately flew towards them without giving them any chance to attack.

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